Chanel O-Coin Purse Review

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Hi there! I’m finally doing a review on one of my favorite SLG’s from Chanel, the O-Coin purse! I hope you all enjoy and hopefully I was able to help in giving you enough details to see if this item is perfect for your lifestyle! Please don’t forget to comment, rate, like and SUBSCRIBE!! Stay Fabulous! Xoxoxo

Chanel O-Coin Purse
A69271 Y60598
Retail: $475.00

Makeup in Video:
Eyes: Too Faced Bon Bons Palette/ Lorac Liquid Luster
Eyeliner: Wet and Wild Black #165 Eyeliner
Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Brows:Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Dark Brown
Blush: Bobbi Brown Blush Brick
Lips: MAC Velvet Teddy
Nails: CL Me Nude

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Tommy Matty says:

Hi Mini, big big fan of yours. Can you do a review on your Chanel clutch you bought it’s beautiful and thinking about buying it. Can you also say how much it is in England as well as the US… Thank you have a lovely day xxxxxxx

Rosie Lopez says:

@minks4all. Where did you get your Chanel O-coin purse. I live in California and I can’t find it anywhere

bella georgina says:


MrsBLVCollector0629 says:

Love this review!! Had a black w/ gold hardware caviar o-card case but too small had to return but love this one, hard to find!! Sorta Comparable to LV Zippy Multicarte which I’ve been thinking bout getting…thanks for review its gorgeous!

Joanne Chew says:

Hello. Just wanted to ask if you had physically and personally measured the length x width x height of the purse, or just relied on the specifications on the Chanel website? reason i’m asking is another vlogger (Snapehbp) gave a completely different measurement on the exact same purse (she quoted you on her video). thanks. appreciate it.

Sharon Lott says:

Beautiful, but awfully pricey .. Gonna stay w LV ~ thanks for the review!
love your channel! – S.

Chic_Rena says:

Love the wallet Minnie.The red is stunning. I am in love with red Chanel slgs. I have two and am tempted to get a third. Lol. I have the Boy lambskin O-coin purse in Dark Navy with SHW and I love it. I got it in February and I’ve use it everyday except for three times. I had the LV zippy coin purse and I prefer my Chanel over the LV. I can fit way more in it. Have a great day.

文一采 says:

Great review!! I really love this case and the red color is stunning! But my SA told me that there are only dark blue and pink colors in the US boutique. Where did you get the red one?

Gsol23 yow says:

would this work well as an acual coin pouch? thx

hansen optenberg says:

Minnie! Have you watched the Chanel 2017 cruise show that was in Cuba?!?! Absolutely stunning and I’m so glad that it was Chanel who set the bar for other designers to look at Cuba in a whole new light.

myPursesuitOfHappiness says:

Great review. Small wallets are my favorite for everyday. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo

Deanna Machado says:

Just picked this piece up in quilted black caviar with gold hardware. Looking forward to using it. Love your reviews 🙂 Have a BLESSED day!!

S Walker says:

Minnie I need you expert assistance my mom is head over heels crazy for a green Kusama agenda any suggestions

Andri says:

Great review as always … I think this coin purse is amazing, but like you I don’t use it as every day piece and bought it to use in my Chanel bags .. Xxx

Valarie Lanes Visions says:

It reminds me of the Zippy multicartes which I love. I think the multicartes holds more..but the Chanel is gorgeous!!!

Liz Gasiewski says:

Love it Minnie! Question for you….can you fit bills folded once in there, or do you need to fold twice? Any issue getting caught in the zipper when folded? Also, there is no Chanel near me. If I wanted to locate one, what would be your best advice. Call Chanel direct or find the nearest store and inquire for mail order? Thank you lady!!!

samantha cheraga says:

I have the quilted black lamb skin and I love it so much, the red you have is stunning and I love the chevron x

Mrs Grandberg says:

Great review Minks. Do you still use your LV zippy coin purse? Can’t remember if you sold it or not. I have one but never seem to use it.

meeziemom says:

Other than the lack of card slots, is there a big difference between this piece and the Vuitton Zippy Coin?

Love Is Who I Am says:

Hey, Minnie. This was a very thorough review. May you do a Chanel Mini Flap and Chanel WOC comparison, if you have both of these bags?

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