Chanel Jumbo 5 Year Review: Wear & Tear, Price Increases etc!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It was my 5 year anniversary with my beloved Chanel Jumbo so I thought I would do a 5 Year Review to celebrate 🙂

I hope you enjoy and find it useful. Any questions, leave me a comment below!


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Yvonne Chou says:

Do u find this bag super heavy?

Maria White says:

Hi Amie!!!!

I love your blog and because of your amazing reviews I had just bought my first Chanel Bag (Jumbo lambskin)!!!!!!!! I came across to your blog when I was looking for reviews on Chanel bags as I wanted to buy my first but was indecisive.

It was delivered to my office and you cannot believe the massive grin I have on my face! I love it.

Great blog!

Jasmin S says:

+Chase Amie How do you keep your flap nice a curved?! I have had my jumbo for 3 years now, and I find that it is pinching more than rounding out 🙁

Jill Jackson says:

Thank for your reply. One more thing… I am confused as I thought like you mentioned, that to stop the pinching effect to the top it was better to go for for one which has the double flap. However, Ally Valentine says the opposite on her Chanel. Could you take a look at her Chanel and just let me know your thoughts. I want to get one in a week or two

Miss Marilyn says:

Hello love just got the Chanel jumbo ! I been watching your videos over and over lol ! Please check out my channel please thanks love

Shalltran Hu says:

You are so right about this bag and it looks perfect on you. Hope I could own it one day haha love your channel!!!

Beddy ! says:

Hi Amie
Do the rings, which the chain goes through, show any signs of wear?

Claudette Townsend says:

It’s nice to hear someone say they don’t take particularly good care of their bag, lol. I’m the same way, I bought mine to USE it not just for special occasions or to say I have a Chanel.

Pinkys DLrosa says:

Hi can you do a review on how you store your bag or anything special routine before keeping it to the dust bag after use. Thanks.

Puja Wahi says:

You’ve convinced me to start saving up. I’m going to Paris in two months and I wonder if I can buy it preloved?

Sharna Jahan says:

Seeing the dents the chains created on your inner flap, i took mine of the dust bag and stuffed more tissue inside. A quick question, is this over stuffing of tissue and thin cloth effect the leather, like it would if I stored it inside a closed cupboard?

steamyelephant says:

After watching your video, I bought my first Chanel bag – classic jumbo in gold hardware caviar leather . Absolutely love it . 🙂

Len Street says:

I have the business flap. I don’t like the double flap.

helen edwards says:

Thank u for your video, Just a quick question if you dont mind. Im planning to buy the Jumbo or the medium/large next month but so undecided on which one to buy. I understand its a personnel choice but would love your opinion.

Zeemaya 247 says:

Hi Amie…. am planning to buy this bag (lambskin medium) by Xmas (finger crossed). I cant justify the price £3480 but I cant stop lusting about it. You didn’t mention about the hardware holding up. I saw so many pictures where the gold colour turns silver so that scares me for the price. I was thinking of getting bags before 2009 where the hardware is 24k gold. The down side of this is how great is the condition of the bag as am an OCD. So am torn between the new version or old version and would love to hear your feedback??? Thanks in advance

Luis Guillen says:

I think you have the most informative channel when it comes to luxury goods! And great production quality. You should be very proud.

Marc Ang says:

is it too big to be handheld? like clutch-ish?

Lisa Lo says:

You are the sole reason why I opened a new savings account, named it Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap! I’m so excited until that day comes!

Shasha D says:

Hi Amie, I was wondering if you’ve ever considered a Dior bag? I really love the Diorever (regular or large) but 1) I can’t find out what the price is and I just want to know beforehand, and 2) I can’t find that much reviews on them. I wanted to venture out of my Celine-LV safe space but I’m not sure. Do you know anything on the quality of the bags? Thank you!

Emma Philomena says:

After binge watching your videos I HAD to go to Selfridges after work today to check the Chanel boutique. The queue to enter was quite long but I will be back without a doubt!

sreyorchids says:

this video has inspired me to get this stunning bag!

TDMong says:

Love this bag! I am wondering, you have lots of Chanel classic flap but none of the reissue. Do you not like them? If so, why? (Sorry about the errors of English, I’m not a native English speaker…)

Myfavoritethings says:

My iphone 6 plus with case fits in the back pocket. Would you not recommend using it for this purpose? It’s so convenient to have the phone in the outside pocket, but I’m afraid that it’ll stretch too much. What do you think?

K Morgan says:

Dang girl, you had your whole house in there! Very informative video. I’m a believer in the jumbo now, thank you! New subbie.

Claudia says:

Hi Amie, is your bag real gold plated on hardware? I’m about to buy this bag but the weight of the bag and the gold hardware are not real gold plated are worries me… What’s your suggestion? Many Thanks and have a great day.

Rinnie says:

Amie! I just bought my first jumbo flap! All your reviews on all your chanels really helped me make my decision! Thank you!

Tanesha Redwood says:

Diary of a spend aholic forcefully sent me here! So I will subscribe

Trace Trace says:

Hi Amie I found a YouTube review which says caviar in the early days of double flap – around 2011/2012 the texture is smoother and shinier. Is it true?

Ysavutha You says:

on top of the bag does it crease from opening the bags?

Kate Flanagan says:

Couldn’t decide between the lambskin and the caviar leather, but thanks to you I’ve made my mind up: def caviar! Love your videos, you have such good advice <3 <3

Karisha Parks says:

Girl this video was everything, thank you 🙂

milliekp says:

+Chase Amie, your bag is stunning! Just curious if you use any conditioner on it, I would love if my caviar looked just as shiny as yours.

JJ the Jetplane says:

did you condition it? I’ve never seen caviar that shiny before


what wallet Is that

C MV says:

What do you do with this bag when you are in a restaurant? Do you always just put it on the floor?

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