Chanel Handbag Haul: Grand Shopping Tote Unboxing

Unboxing and reveal of my new Chanel purse, the Grand Shopping Tote (GST) in Caviar Leather.

My Chanel Grand Shopping Tote was purchased on Waikiki where the Sales Associate, Angie, ordered it from Las Vegas. I paid 2,650 dollars for it. It is available in a petite size as well. I purchased the bag with gold hardware, but it is also available in silver hardware and easier to find in that color.

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fatos f says:

how much is it please ? 

Andrea Chyne Machica says:

wow thats my dream bag. next on my list. thx for sharing

Ann M says:

It’s been a year since you got this bag. How much are you loving it now? And how is the job going.?

Rinda Ismar says:

Hi can u do an update wear and tear of this bag please thanks

lillian flores says:

I love it,  im going to buy to same one 🙂

جيهان شبرق says:

dear I wanna know if the bag itself have or light ?

Bujang Senang says:

I want one for my lovely wife #shanty

Ali Alhadhrami says:

Very beautiful bag

Toya Allure says:

Was trying to figure out if I wanted to get Celine bag or the Chanel gst and I think I’m also gonna purchase this one. I’ll get the Celine next time if I am still into it. Congratulation 🙂

Eds T says:

Arent u afraid that it would tarnish quickly? Because its not plated anymore. How did it held up?

Rizwana says:

half of the video was dedicated to just opening the package… :S

Brooklyn Milany says:

Awesome. Totally agree on the reason you chose GHW. Lucky you ^^”

jupiter brees says:

the bag is gorgeous, just need a little wallet to go inside.

Bujang Senang says:

I love it….

Mette Bejerholm Greve says:

Hey I have a question. Have any of you had good/bad experiences with the site Malleries? is it trustworthy? 

chanpenn c says:

Shes a real beauty!

Sam Janjua says:

Gorgeous bag!!

Eds T says:

Is that caviar or lambskin?

Sandy Sood says:

It is so funny that I happened on this video because I was scouting for this exact bag in gold. Where did you get it?  I really want to get one for my daughter

Jessica Tiono says:

you’re so pretty <3

Nicole Golsteijn-Cnoops says:

Omg I am in love with this bag thank you for Charing this moment

Serena Wang says:

I love the video. I was debating between this one and LV never full. But I ended up getting this Chanel GST exactly same as yours inspired by your video. Very nice! Thank you!

Yuxia Tang says:

whatsapp +8613794073107

Faye Weisman says:

I just got this bag in a new brownish color and just love it, enjoy
The other bag that I have had for five years is the chanel classic 255 and I just love it
Good luck

tonyling168 says:

do u have any code inside the bag to make sure it’s real product?

BeautyByMitten says:

Beautiful bag.  I love it with the gold hardware.  I had only ever seen it with silver. Much more classic. 

Tasari says:

lovely bag congrats on your gst!!

rosepasadena says:

Hi anyone know the price of this bag in Germany? and by the way I love your video and you look very pretty as well.

Yuxia Tang says:

connect fb Lisa Tang to get low price brand bags

KrazyGirl19 says:

Never mind the bag. U are gorgeous.

Queen Ara Mor says:

That is by far the best Chanel bag I’ve seen! Fabulous choice.

angelbirdbb says:

Love this unboxing=) I have the same bag! I uploaded some videos about this bag! Check them out on my channel if you like=) Thank you & See u! Would you like to sub each other?

Betty Wong says:

Love it! Heading out to get mine before Chanel discontinues the bag!

Lvette Sonai says:

I love how much you adore the bag and the details. I can’t stand when ladies act nonchalant about their unboxing or complain about the bags. This is the dream for so many.  Thanks for sharing Elle.

Anastasia Zenia says:

Did chanel give different kind of boxes in every country? In asia they give a nice box or even a better box with magnets on it. And this is one is a crappy card box….

MsCutie2010 says:

Im considering in investing in a Chanel bag. I am caught beween the GST and the Cerf Tote. Decisions, decisions…

hortencia1834 says:

Wow I love chanel bags yours is gorgeous! !!

liang yi says:

Do u know if a Macbook Pro 15” can fit in a Chanel bag like yours? and what size is yours?

Flo Satine Xavier says:

Love your Chanel GST bag video +Elle Florence planning on buying my first ever Chanel bag & it’s also GST bag in a lambskin with a silver hardware/black color for me;) in May of 2015 xo Flo

Eds T says:

Is it ok to buy gst with ghw if your jewelries are all white gold?

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