Chanel handbag collection and purse reviews

Visit for and more photos of each handbag.

Chanel handbag review with Stylish Petite.


Gabriela Felipe says:

loved your top and skirt, can you tell me where they’re from?

Carla Myles says:

I think it’s 16 hundred 🙂 which is 1,600$ that’s what she mean..

Imvloggingit says:

my first bag was the exact same! black GST with silver. 

I want a beige Chanel handbag next. Need something for the spring/summer 🙂

Angil Green says:

love all your collections, check my channel please, I also have reviews of handbags


ladys needs bags.:-)))))

Carmen Rosa says:

Yes Sara Lopes. It is $1,600. $16,000 would be sixteen thousand.
$1,600=Mil seiscientos dolares
$16,000=dieciseis mil dolares

Carla Myles says:

I think it’s 16 hundred 🙂 which is 1,600$ that’s what she meant..

angelm3008 says:

3110 euro=4285 dollars.

RobRoysDaughter says:

It means 1600 🙂

Janine says:

may I say that your house looks gorgeous

isabella razo says:


Miss Birdlvr says:

Great video thank you for giving prices!

Lucky Ascot says:

 I also collect Chanel and love your collection and style. Nice video!

Ana Figueiredo says:

16 hundred is 1600

Chandler Murphy says:


ubiquity says:

Great collection of timeless pieces and very smart not to spend all that money on “trendy colors.” You can never go wrong with the black.


What is the model name of the beige color woc?

mseby228 says:

this collection is amazing

CutieBear says:

Its so hard to focus on you when your house looks so beautiful, I’m so distracted, LOL! *wrong focus* Great collection btw ^^

carissakt22 says:

i think she means hundred

Sam Cole says:

wow impressive collection. I am soooooo jealous. Just in case in the future you want to get rid of your GST, I will gladly keep it and take care of it. 

Kelly Moore says:

Nice collection, great review of each. Thanks 🙂

DiVA FEVER says:

very nice x

karrotqueen says:

i think you meant hundred? hundred = 100, so 16 hundred = 1600

Samantha Kenwald says:

I watched your video and I want to say thanks for sharing your Handbags collection…its really gorgeous Handnads collection with various brands.These type of Handbags make you comfortable when you get it with you. Thanks

Olivia Fryer says:

i really want to see the 2 shopper totes side by side. I dont know which one to get

bbybearz says:

where can i  find a Chanel purse in store?

The Aethusa says:

Great collection 😀

Luxy Theory says:

Love your collection! xx

Kimberly Foo says:

did you really spend 9 hours at the boutique:OOOO

MirrorImage says:

its 16 hundred, which means 1600.. you at last got a reply after a year 😀

Gregory Salwen says:

where are you from? I love your accent

Xia Ji says:

i like your outfit! so beautiful, where did you get it?

Tasari says:

Awesome collection I have double flap and woc on my wish list!!!

Keith Tusa says:

is that a caviar tote chanel? thanks

Jade Dometita says:

How much is the shopper tote? Love it!!

Mary D says:

OMg you got 20% off does that only happen like once a year and if so when?

Saima says:

6:58 i have that one!!

MissCielle101 says:

Great video! You have a beautyful Chanel bag collection, and they all look gorgeous on you! Do you mind me asking how tall you are? I’m asking because I am qiute tall (178 cm) and I wonder how the bags would look on me… 😉 xo

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