|| Chanel Deauville Tote || Review, WIMB and more! || Kat L

Hi everyone!

Here’s my review of my new Chanel Deauville Tote bag! I also did a WIMB and showed sizing comparison to the LV Neverfull Tote. Hope you enjoy!

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Karen Lie says:

gal r u ever worried if your branded stuff gets stolen at the gym? I am quite worried. been wearing my cheaper watches to gym lately.

macy chan says:

Kat! every time you reveal a bag I want to buy it. than after I buy it you sale it. Do you think you will sell this bag? if you do can you sell it to me? I’m just going to wait for you. LOL!

LalaLovesLV says:

Amazing review! I love how detailed your are and so honest. I want one but I’m so nervous about it getting fuzzy over time with the fabric. You should bite the bullet and get the Neverfull – it would give you the trifecta from Hermes, Chanel and LV 😉

Virgo lux lover says:

Thumbs up to a very informative review

Simply Beauty says:

Omg! You have sooo many stuffs in your bag n the bag itself is very heavy, no wonder you have really toned arms…looking sexy in this vlog babe..

Chen Cindy says:

U made me really want to own this bag RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

Tabby Violet says:

Very nice and thorough review!!!! Yay for Pisces!!! My hubby is a Pisces as well! My favorite sign! 🙂 What are your thoughts on the all leather version of this bag?

Adetoun Kolapo says:

You look so pretty today, not that you usually don’t mind. I had decided not to get the tote, now you’re making me second guess myself.

Billy James says:

is this bag vegan?

Birkin lover says:

Love this! please check out my channel! xoxo

pursejunky says:

you make me want to get this bag… argghhh

Lina Nordin says:

Hi. How much u pay for samoga including postage to s’pore?

Ana Dari says:

Love ur video! So useful and thorough!!! Great personality

Lena Larsson says:

I totally blame you for sending me off to Ban Island……This video totally got me lusting over the Deauville tote and I just had to have this bag…..XXoo

litsa says:

I just love your videos! You are so authentic and fun so it makes it fun to watch. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Juarez says:

Hi Kat, my fellow piscean! I have the exact deauville tote and enjoying it immensely. I even appreciate the sequins because it adds some class to an otherwise very casual bag but then again it is Chanel… it carries class with its name. Enjoying your videos!!! Take care.

VR Mom of Four says:

I was drooling the whole time. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️this bag. It’s my dream tote. Sigh. Gorgeous!! Thanks for the great review!!

Superwaffles says:

This was super helpful and thorough, thank you

Andri says:

I love the bag… My chains are removable, not that I would ever take them off … Lovely review .. xx

tracy tiong says:

Would like to know the website for your bag’s pink organiser . Much appreciated. Thanks!

Sara Teo says:

Hi Kat, I have the deauville too and haven’t used mine but love the bag nonetheless every time I look at it.. good to know you enjoyed yours even though you hate to baby your bags.. and the Espirit umbrella fits so well in small bags (eg. alma bb) that I had two of them 🙂

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