Chanel Business Affinity Flap Bag Review 2017 | Mod Shots | Chanel Reviews | Alexa Style Book

Chanel Business Affinity Flap Bag Review 2017 | Mod Shots | Chanel Reviews | Camel Color | Alexa Style Book

Chanel Business Affinity Flap Bag:

Hello Everyone,
In today’s video, I have been getting a lot of requests to do a review for my Chanel business affinity flap bag. I was going to wait a bit longer to get more use out of the bag before doing a review on it, however, it’s been about a month so I decided to just go ahead and film a review. I will make a video all about wear and tear on a later date. This is my favorite handbag at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy!

Chanel Business Affinity Flap Bag:

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Great video

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amazing video! loved it! i left a like and i subscribed , i want us to help eachother out by staying active on eachothers channels because im sure you know how hard it is these days , its up to you if your interested

Claudio Alessandri says:

This is a wonderful video and the bag is very beautiful! I hope you like my channel!

Jessica U. says:

That bag is to die for 🙂
Wow! I can’t wait for more reviews from you. I subscribed <3

Chantelle Williams says:

I loveeeee this bag! I subbed as I’m new to your channel & I can’t wait to see more videos from you!☺️ I also have a channel & upload every week I mainly do makeup related videos if you would like to check them out!☺️❤️

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Ruslana Ness says:

it is GORGEOUS, my pick for a bag is always black or nude/camel and recently i prefer nude, i love it

Beauty With A Heart says:

Thanks for your review

Jeanne Keranna says:

Hello Alexa…..Beautiful video. Greetings…

Megi Tristisan says:

nice video

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hello my friend .. 🙂 you really are a youtuber!!! very nice channel very cool and entertaining videos… WOW…. i found this channel very interesting… i decided to subscribe your channel and you deserve more…. hope you will subscribe back my friend.. godbless always and goodluck to your channel 🙂

Carina Vardie says:

It’s such a gorgeous bag, I’m in love! ❤️

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The Golden Beauty says:

Wow that bag is gorgeous, the color is so pretty

Naturally Megan says:

Such a cute bag!! Love this and your channel, I subbed I hope we can support each other <3

Jamie.Photo says:

Love your backdrop !

Tommie Dooley says:

Cute bag!

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BeautyInvestigator UK says:

That is one beautiful bag! A little out of my price range but I can dream….!

Victoria Gaia says:

This bag is so pretty!

My PB and J says:

What a beautiful bag! Absolutely LOVE the color! Great video, thanks for sharing 🙂

Emily Charlotte says:

Love this bag!

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