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Sharing a review of the Chanel Boy Bag. I’ve had this bag for over 12 months, and I wanted to talk through the wear and tear, what fits inside, and my actual thoughts on the bag. Obviously, this is a luxury items nd a lot of what you are paying for is the heritage of the brand. I mention this in the video but I do think if you are planning on purchasing this bag, with the price hikes, you’re probably better off trying to track one down that has been gently used or pre-loved. And above all, if you do decide to buy a bag like this, save up rather than buying it on credit, and I hope that it brings you plenty of joy. No handbag is worth getting into debt for! xx




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JMin37 says:

I agree this bag really does suit you! When you said you chose this over a mini square flap I screamed a bit as a mini square is the only Chanel bag I’m interested in. But as you described, this iteration is more relaxed and edgy while still being classic which really goes with how I (and you of course) see your style I think.

I’ve wanted a square mini flap because they look so cute and dainty but to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever buy one now. The prices are honestly ridiculous, I’m not a minimalist by nature so I’d struggle to use the bag, I feel Chanel is slightly over saturated now (nothing wrong with that in itself, but I have an aversion to ‘logo’d’ things and since the Chanel bags have become infamous, although the logo is still discreet I now feel it’s too eye catching for my personal taste), and I’ve also heard unflattering things about the service at Chanel.

The last one especially disappoints me, I’ve heard people complaining they aren’t treated very well despite the obviously hefty cost of things, and they get the feeling they’re seen as replaceable since Chanel is so in demand. Did you feel any of that, or the experience was impeccable?

I’m still a few years off making my first luxury investment/purchase, but my eye has really turned to simple and classic jewellery I can wear everyday. The classic bags are too much for me now

cathyd425 says:

It’s a beautiful bag enjoy.

Ariyal sirrah says:

That is a lot of money for a purse! However it’s very fashionable! It fits your classic style perfectly.

Paula Spiers says:

Great review, thank you. It’s a lovely bag – wish I’d thought about buying one before the crazy price hikes!

Alex Weston says:

Love this bag and it suits you really well. I don’t agree with blanket rules on what is worth spending 5K on and what isn’t. Some people would think nothing of spending much more than is necessary on a car or electronics for example, it’s just about what is worth it to you.

Genevieve says:

This was helpful, thank you!

Jan Victor Andasan says:

Great, honest review. I appreciate that you stated you’ve used it for about 60 to 90 times not just owning it for a year. I find it problematic when YouTubers review a bag but they don’t actually use it and “put it through the ringer”. Also, the boy is technically not a classic. My friend who works at Chanel Headquarters in New York told me they only get discounts for non classic bag and that’s how she purchased her boy. It is a bag that’s come in season in various colors but in Chanel’s eyes it isn’t in the range of the classic flaps.

Charlotte Maldonado says:

I love how you have Sailor Moon-Luna inspired accessories in your boy bag <3 !

Anja Ge says:

This one is awesome bag, but true cost a fortune…

Zelda Mojica says:

Ahhhkkkk beautiful!!! ❤️

Rosalind Mason says:

I think if you have the money it is a nice bag to have chosen. I’m not planning to get a Chanel at any point but of all of the Chanel bags I think the boy bag is the one that I like the best because its less commonly worn than the classic flap and its more cool and edgy. As regards the price. All designer bags are ridiculously pricey whether they are $2000 or $6000 but when you have money to spare then why not? Its just money and if you really like the thing you are buying then it will be worth it to you.

ingrid says:

Any gal your age who pay 5k for a bag or even wants one is crazy unless she’s a millionaire! Yr paying for the NAME only

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