Chanel bag collection review including Vintage Chanel Jumbo & Backpack, Chanel double flap medium

A review of my Chanel Bag Collection & tips for buying preloved Chanel – M/L lambskin double flap, vintage jumbo caviar single flap, vintage lambskin backpack.

5 topics:
1. Background of the bag & brand Chanel
2. Major design features
3. Why is Chanel so expensive?
4. My purchase story – how i bought preloved
6. Is it worth it??


Angeline Neo says:

This is such a great video! For your Chanel Vintage Bagpack, did you also receive the original package and the receipt? Or did you just receive the bagpack?

CheeLovell says:

Love the vintage single flap.After i see your vintage jumbo ,i want to buy even though i have red jumbo and reissue 227 both 2016.Nice chanel collections .

Pikot says:

I love your videos, so informative…looking forward to your next video.

birdiebirk says:

Love love love ALL your videos. You explain your information soooo well! I am looking for your vertical caviar vintage bag myself, any suggestions as to where I might get one from a honest seller?? Thx

Black white says:

Whats so good about vintage

Anne C. says:

When buying vintage Chanel, is it a dealbreaker for you whether an authenticity card is available?

Lorraine Crilly says:

Amazing video 🙂

WASP1919 says:

What happened to the Hermes video?

Vicky Liu says:

Thanks for the info! First time subbing so fast (after 1 video)!

A.M. Finn says:

Wow you did such a good job explaining all of this!

CallmeMystery says:

Thank you for your videos! They are so informative! I have just one question. How do you verify that the bag is original if you’re buying from a private seller on ebay? I’m constantly worried that I’ll be cheated. Some tips would be so helpful. Thank you!

Vallauris 22 says:

What a structured, well put together video. I love how organized and straight to the point this is.


love this video thank you for sharing a little bit history of CoCo

ka-ti-ana says:

Thank you soooo much and i don’t mind the long video at all because you give true meaningful advice… thank you for taking the time to make this video. Can’t wait for more

Speechiegirl1 says:

You have one of the most informative channels on luxury on YouTube. You are a true gem. I look forward to more videos

meowgler says:

Love the Chanel Boy! It’s actually named after one of her lovers, Boy Capel. This was a great video!

WASP1919 says:

Welcome back pretty lady!

mimi lynn56 says:

how do you keep the clean and moist on your vintage bags

SoSo InStyle says:

Love your Chanel collection! I’m obsessed with Chanel and have kept doing Chanel bag reviews on my Chanel lol. Would love to add more vintage Chanel bags in my collection too! Thanks for your video!

Java Beano says:

Please please please do a video on how you take care of lambskin leather. I know there are other videos out there, but I trust your knowledge above others because I have high standards about how you care about your bags. Just like me! I need your advice as I just bought my first bag.

Evelyn D'Haene says:

just to add that,I do take care of my lambskin and carvier leather Chanel bags. I don’t put any of my luxury handbags on the floor lol.

I also do have a red lambskin that’s not puffy. I love your video.

Angela Silver says:

New subbie here. Your video was SO informative! Exactly what I was looking for. Looking fwd to more! Have a great weekend.

June Cc says:

Excellent review. Your different views from different angles of opinions are very informative.

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