Bolzano Handbags & Accesories Review

Bolzano Handbags & Accesories Review

Bolzano is a brand of luxury handbags and leather accesories. Bolzano handbags and accesories are depicted by sophisticated styles, fashionable colors, luxurious feel, compartments and exquisite craftsmanship.

Visit the Bolzano website to view their handbags collections. You may sign up for a subscription while you are there. Use the Promo Code: KELLYGIFT when you order your purse or subscription and Bolzano will send you a FREE gift with your order!

The purse featured and reviewed in this video is the Alissa Large Tote Brandy. The dimensions are

31″ chain strap with leaather shoulder pad
Top zipper closure
Top flap closure with custom working lock & key
Interior zipper and multifunctional slit pockets
Accented by the Bolzano signature city stitch pattern
Customer price – $90 Product Code 7059-03.

Bolzano Purse Subscription – Monthly Handbag Subscription $28.95.

Bolzano Purse and Accesories Monthly Subscription $33.95

Bolzano Purse and Accesories 4 Month Subscription $135.80.

Bolzano Purse and Accesories Yearly Subscription $366.66

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Aspen Thompson says:

I just ordered from them.Looking forward to my bag next week.

Katherine Johnson says:

I was very upset about the bag I received. I watched so many YouTube videos. My bag was very cheap looking. I hope my next bag is better. I have loved all the bags I had seen unboxed.. I do not have a YouTube channel to unbox and show them sure hope that did not make the difference. The bag I received can be purchased for 28.00 in their store. One unboxing I watch their bag was in the store for 200.00. I have sent a message and hope they will respond.

Power Couple Life says:

Love your videos! Subscribed! <3

Jennifer Evans says:

Wow, such a great deal! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Douglas says:

Wow!!! Kelly!! I’m gonna go broke watching your videos! That purse is really nice! Cool they reached out. I’ll be signing up thru your link in a few days. Omg.

Nancy Rounds says:

Hi Kelly wow what a great bag and subscription!! Sorry had to pause your video to go sign up! That is so awesome that companies are reaching out to you to review their products…you have a great following and we have all come to trust your honest reviews and thoughts!

It's our Fenwick Life says:

I am carrying my bag today. I am glad you got the same one. It is roomier than I thought. I cannot wait to see what comes next! Hugs!

Robyn's Closet says:

Loved the bag, holding out on this subscription:(

Southern Yankee says:

Lol I laughed because my boyfriends and my daughters stuff both end up in my bag and while my boyfriend Is this big rough and tough guy he will carry my bag too I just think that is do sweet. So glad you got to do a review this is a wonderful subscription! Love the purse you got I need a big structured purse too. My last one was small but was free so I’m just gifting it to someone who will love it!

Devangel says:

HA!!!!!!, they send nice stuff to you-tubers, the rest of us get white paper-cloth bags and they sent me the ugliest fake croc flat bag. that only has a handle and one zipper I emailed them, they said to pick something else and that was the end of it–ugly bag still in LR, did not hear back again. Also no note or paperwork. a half bangle and a rhinestone necklace I could not give away So if next month, I get trash again, I will know they are a waste of money and worse a switch and bait org.

Janis Chandler says:

Hi Kelly! This is the bag I got and I really like it. I feel like it’s a quality bag and you can’t beat the price for the subscription. Your review was great and by the time you were done, you made me like my bag even more.

Mary Mason says:

I love, love, love the idea of getting a new purse every month! I’m gonna check out her site! Thanks for the great review! ❤️

Dianal Vise says:

I got my first bag today. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It fit my profile perfectly. I can’t wait to get my next purse.

mishkabaz1 says:

What an interesting service! Thanks for sharing your review. You were so cute trying the key!

Georgette M says:

Love this bag. When I carry a bag like this my husband calls it my plumber’s bag. It sure comes in handy when he wants me to carry things of his though. Great video once again.

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