Best & Worst Luxury Handbags CHANEL, YSL, GUCCI, LOUIS VUITTON | Diana Saldana

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Products Mentioned:
Louis Vuitton Pochette metis
GIVENCHY ‘Small Antigona’ Sugar Leather Satchel
Chanel medium classic handbag
Gucci Disco Bag
Gucci GG Marmont Camera small quilted leather shoulder bag
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dee snipz says:

I’ll buy your YSL from you lol

Hayley Alexis says:

ive spiraled down a dang designer luxury haul…WHY AM I SO POOR?

Joyce Marilyn says:

who buys diana saldana bag

Zena Cheong says:

YSL and LV are the best bag brands imo. The chanel quilts arent as durable if u dont take care of them; the leather quilt gets worn out easily and the bag gets out of shape easily too.

Olivia VP says:

was that a roach in her beige gucci purse or am I seeing things

myra serapio says:

The Gucci marmont mini bag is small that’s why it’s called mini. The design is beautiful and it’s great if you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff, it’s perfect for a cross body because it’s light and the price is reasonable for a designer bag. If you want bigger space then get the LV Neverfull.

Mayra Rivas says:

Beautiful bags … if had the money I’d buy them too hahaha . but as for right now each bag would cover my college tuition per semester hahaha

Breana says:

The Louis Vuitton Print I believe is called “Monogram” xoxo love your videos!!

perry anne hirose says:

lab ur make up, can you please make a tutorial,, tnx new subbie

Aly Sellin says:

It freaks me out that we have so many of the same bags. Great minds think alike.
My Chanel purse also has the silver detail and I prefer it over the gold.

OverDoze OD says:

more make up ..

Sitha Nyirenda says:

JUST send the YSL purse to me I might find some use for it lol. Nice collection.

Shelly montreuil says:

Can i have the ones you don’t use lol

Ajo Wong says:

You should sale that ysl

Blanca Vega says:

What camera are you using

Caroline Davis says:

Bless me with the old one you dont use sister.

noemi acevedo says:

Love your handbag collection!

Anca Iordache says:

I’m surprised that that LV bag is your most favourite. I mean it’s beautiful but I love the Gucci one more

Nina Marie says:

Coated canvas bags are not worth your money. Ever. Unless you are a millionaire and the pricing is no object. LV and Goyard are prime examples of this. Anything with the branding all over it is made of fabric lacquered over and trimmed in leather. If you want longevity, stick to leather. Even if it scratches or changes color which is a natural occurrence. Take it from a luxury industry insider. Also, Chanel and Hermès will retain their value over decades.

Andrea Jude says:

Omg the LV and Gucci marmot are my faves !!

Marina G says:

I have the same LV and it is my favorite and most used, then my Gucci is my second

Gem Gem says:

That chanel is beautiful! Way better looking than the cookie cutter black ones.

angeldriz says:

She doesn’t know the name of the print(354). How can she not know details of the bags. It’s monogram.

Skylion says:

I love YSL bags but that is one of my least favorite designs. Gucci bags always look tacky to me idk why but the soho is nice.

Viridiana Vazquez says:

First time here… your make up is so flawless.

Fashion Hiphop says:


Caroline Robinson says:

Make up beautiful

It's My Life says:

I saw the thumbnail and I had to tune in to see this beauty. I’m planning for my next LV purse. I can’t decide if I want the Pochette Metis or some other type of LV with a strap. I own the Speedy 30 and would love a crossbody on the lighter days. For now I carry my LV Zippy wallet as a clutch when I don’t want to carry my Speedy. I was thinking of buying the classic crossbody Gucci again. I owned it when I was a teen, but I didn’t appreciate luxury pieces as a teen. I think I sold it. Thanks for this video. I love luxury videos.

D Jones says:

gucci disco is my next designer bag purchase i cannot waitttttttt

tehmicho says:

Intro gives me Manny MUA vibes

Joey L says:

omg just found ur channel n i love ur contents! i love watching lux items video but i cannot afford HAHAHAHA

mylittlemakeupchair says:

I feel the same about my YSL bags, I think there is something just dated about them at the same time as I thought they looked sleek and modern, sometimes I think it just is a little…boring.

Pratthana Panim says:

what lipstick did you use in this video.? It s gorgeous anyway

Vivi Moda says:

I really agree with ysl 🙁 it’s such a beautiful bag but i also hardly use it.

Shab Chique says:

thanks for the honest video and you did great

Brilliantia says:

please clean your bag first 🙂

R says:

HANDS DOWN YSL IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. its not practical like the other ones but the look of it is very sleek which I love. since you don’t use it as often & are willing to sell your ysl please let me know, I will buy it off you!!! its so expensive here in Canada compared to the states. msg me

Monn Stat says:

I only have 2.25$ but still watching incase I became rich by accident

Meli's says:

Omg you have so many trash in your purses…

Alberta Johnson says:

I enjoyed your video because I love purse never had one but my daughter loves Gucci, Louie van ton Alberta Johnson

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