BEST TOTE BAGS 2017 | Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Givenchy, Tory Burch, etc. | Shea Whitney


THE BEST TOTE BAGS! I hope you enjoy this video all about the best (my favorite) tote bags! I talk about totes in all price ranges to include Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Madewell, etc!

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1. Tory Burch Tote:
2. Louis Vuitton Delightful Tote:
3. Madewell Tote:
4. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote:
(Preloved Neverfull:
5. Givenchy Tote:
6. Chanel Tote:


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Namita Bathija says:

You are my favourite YTr. Hands down.

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Lee Leal says:

Omg! I love ur video!! Love all the bags

Shavon Gilliam says:

Which organizer do you have for your Neverfull GM?


Love all of them Shea ! And I’ve been wanting to buy that Ella Tory Burch !!! Love love your channel !

Christal Williams says:

Im a new subscriber and am binge watching all of your videos. I really love your channel as I’ve committed to only purchasing more luxury style bags to add to my wardrobe. You provide a lot of information and detail.

Monique Lehnhardt says:

Love the Longchamp Le Pilage for travel because you can fold it up, pop one in your carryon, and fill it with all your purchases to bring home from your trip.

Bag Builders says:

I think that needs to be int your best list:

Esperance Kasamba says:

I love all your tops.. where do you get it from

Nails Spa says:

Read real

Isabella Santana says:

Why don’t you mention Michael Kors handbags in your videos? Do you have a special reason?

Nails Spa says:

Where do I buy that good deal?

Amanda L. says:

Burberry just released its Haymarket reversible tote a couple month ago and they’re so simple, elegant, yet stylish in my humble opinion. I just got mine from Bloomingdales today and ended my 6 month search for a work bag that’ll fit my 15″ laptop! I really recommend checking it out 🙂

The King Family Vlogs says:

The Madewell tote is my work bag as well. I love it. I am a college professor and it carries my laptop and textbooks and has held up well for a year now. It’s amazing.


I have this LV bag in the medium size, love it , but can’t figure out if I want to use the hook or let the sides fold over??

Karen Ley says:

TOTE’S……They May “Work” For Business Or Office Worker’s,Or Traveler’s.Other Than That…They Are Too BIG and BULKY.Who Wang’s To “Deal” Wit That ??????

Jody Bucci says:

Would you do a comparison of back packs please?


Like that top

Jennifer Blue says:

i have the trifecta of neverfull gm. my favorite is the monogram. such a comfortable bag!

Lizyanet Switzer says:

Could you do a video with bags or purses that are more affordable prices please

闫Katrina says:

Hi Shea! Where did u get that red bag organizer for Neverfull?

Maggy H says:

Great video Shea! My favourite tote bag is Hermes Garden Party.

Jennifer Blue says:

Great video

Maha M. says:

I watched your last uploaded video
“Ten mistakes women make ”
I am impatiently waiting your new video
and board
SoI decided to watch all your old videos

First time being obsessed about a youtuber

*love you*

Just M says:

I have the navy plaid Tory Burch tote- I thought it looked preppy :0- judging from this video, I think the straps are slimmer. this may make a difference in comfort RE: carrying with a coat on. Hands down, according to this video, I think the LV won! You’re right, the LV looks more like a hobo…maybe. I did like the Madewell tote, but I am partial to J Crew (mother company).

Weena May says:

Louis Vuitton bags are so ugly. Horrible brown. Total rip off just paying for a name. Mindless purchases. I buy a cheaper bag with much more style and quality and donate the rest to a food bank for people less fortunate that can’t feed themselves properly. Or for blind dogs. There’s a lot of people so self absorbed in themselves that they overlook the important things in life. Me me me omg

Lu Brinkmann says:

I totally bought the Tory Burch Ella tote after seeing it in one of your previous videos. I took it on vacation last week and the handles started to peel. Have you had any issues like that with yours?

enaaarz says:

Love your top!!!! 🙂

Jasmine Travis says:

Shea, is your delightful pm or mm? Will you consider selling?

Sierra H says:

I prefer backpacks!

Nickey Wonder says:

Can’t go wrong with a good tote. I think finding the perfect tote just feels right because you know its going to work for you no matter what. Love your channel lady, fellow handbag diva!

Jaya Rajagopalan says:

Hey Shea, I love your videos 🙂 I was wondering if you can do a bag collection video for us? I noticed as I keep watching your older and newer videos, that a lot of new ones seem to have joined your closet and a lot seem to have left (like the gorgeous diorama). I always enjoy those videos and its fun hearing people’s stories and thoughts on their pieces 🙂

Pat S says:

Women are stupid for spending this much on handbags/totes. Be careful you don’t get mugged.

Carol Fife says:

Thank you for being you. In another video you mentioned how maybe stuff you say or show is a little shallow but that you are aware that being beautiful in the inside matters. But that you have a luxury “feature” channel and you are staying true to it. I for one is grateful. It saves me hours of research and I love your pro/con and your mix bag approach and your genuine feel. Thanks again.

Nadia Ishaq says:

I can never buy a tote with no zipper closure on top. Everything is so insecure. I would be afraid for my wallet to just drop out or so easy for someone to grab things out of in a crowded place.

cassey elsie says:

I like tote for how casual they look but I don’t use my tote bags as often as I wish because I don’t feel safe. There is a tote I REALLY REALLY wish I bought when it was out and that is a tote from Bottega Veneta with the top edges being irregular instead of smooth like current tote from this brand.

Neverfull is a tote I like but I didn’t buy because so many of my friends have it. So I ended up buying a limited edition tote from LV that’s very similar to NVM.

For rainy season in my country , and when I feel like using tote bag,I will use either my MCM Reversible tote or any 3 of my longchamp tote.

I have 3 more totes that I hardly use. They are Chanel Limited edition (and I don’t know the name), a mini Valentino Rock stud tote and finally Calvin Klein that look so much like a stiff paper shopping bag that we get from departmental store! Haha.

Love your videos. Thanks

Beauty Beast says:

Why in the world is LV so expensive? Love the bag but the prices are clearly the “name” I suppose. But Great video.

Meriam says:

I really want that Tory Burch Ella but I’m a uni student with limited income so it’s a stretch for me, but it’s on my list. It looks so good!

Eve Lovelle says:

Have been eyeing on that Chanel tote for awhile! x

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