15 BEST DESIGNER BAGS WORTH THE INVESTMENT! This was such a fun video to film – you guys know I love a good handbag!!! These 15 fabulous bags are worth your investment, if you love it of course. I’ve linked everything below (both new & preloved)…I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Blazer (love it, other colors available too): http://bit.ly/2wFV5hs
Shirt: http://bit.ly/2IgbqPl
Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/products/charity-charm AND https://mirandafrye.com/collections/charms-and-chains/products/lola-necklace
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HERMES BIRKIN: (can’t buy online new)
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y79d

HERMES KELLY: (can’t buy online new)
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7a4

CHANEL FLAP: (can’t buy online new)
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7ab

CHANEL BOY BAG: (can’t buy online new)
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7ah

LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY: (new) https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/speedy-30-monogram-008784
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7al

LOUIS VUITTON NEVERFULL: (new) https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/neverfull-gm-monogram-007652
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7au

CHRISTIAN DIOR LADY DIOR: (new) https://www.dior.com/couture/en_us/womens-fashion/bags/lady-dior
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7b0

LOEWE PUZZLE BAG: (new) http://bit.ly/2rFHQYX
Preloved: http://bit.ly/2rH01O8

GIVENCHY ANTIGONE: (new) http://bit.ly/2rEvPmQ
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7bg

STELLA McCARTNEY FALABELLA: (new) http://bit.ly/2rHFXuV
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7c2

GUCCI DIONYSUS: (new) http://bit.ly/2rFf5vA
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/y7c9

YSL SAC DE JOUR: (new) http://bit.ly/2rBWzEr
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/yahd

CHLOE DREW: (new) http://bit.ly/2rMxabl
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/yahn

CELINE BOX BAG: (new) https://www.celine.com/en-us/search/?q=box+bag&lang=en_US
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/yahq

FENDI PEEKABOO: (new) http://bit.ly/2rGSwH3
Preloved: http://shrsl.com/yahv


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Sara says:

I have 7 out of 15! :))) I’m glad Ive got most of the good ones

Wijaya NKS says:

Being poor and not bags crazy is help! I just got groceries bag

Lotte says:

Sounds more like a uni lesson in stocking makerting than fashion advice. Sorry, I’d never pay $13000 for a bag, especially considering real leather doesn’t grow on trees…

Tanya Wood says:

I disagree that a luxury handbag being an investment! It is like buying a new car and the minute you drive it off the car lot it depreciates about 5G’s!! I have several luxury handbags and sold at least 8 or 10 and with each and every one of them I got maybe half, sometimes less! I am still overloaded with luxury handbags but this time I am holding on to them for my daughter and granddaughters…

Dina Yanogo says:

Just live the life you can afford.
Don’t take loans buying this bags thinking it’s investment. It’s not. It is luxury, means for people with enough money to spend thousands of dollars on expensive things and don’t even think about it. It comes with luxury way of life. If you’re not a millionaire or at least don’t have a high revenue, buy a nice bag with the money you have and appreciate it.

furious_ gamer says:

I’m 13 and I have a authentic coach purse that’s the one of the nicest handbags I have

dzlove says:

They aren’t investments. They’re just splurges. Better than gold? I think not. Also, If I wanted an investment I believe my money would be better spent on a house or a bank account. It’s still just a bag.

Cristina Samaniego says:

Shea! I love your outfit! Can you do a what I wear to work video??

Hill Roberts says:

Only a bloody fool would spend all that money for that bag

C_ says:

Wow so many negative comments! I thought this video was great, very well researched, entertaining and precisely edited… I don’t agree with some of the bags but you did a great job coming up with a top 15! Great video :))

Agnieszka Deadwyler says:

How do I know that this preloved bags are authentic? I never bought used handbags before so I don’t know where to look for them

YayOrNayNicole says:

It’s so funny I was just thinking about what the best investment bag would be and within days your video popped up! Thanks for the great and thorough review. I think one of each would be great ha ha.

June Gacad says:


T says:

I will never understand this. I suppose you could compare purses to stocks and gold, but if we actually stop and think, 100% of the population thinks the two latter are valuable, where as about .05% of the population thinks a name is valuable. If the economy crashes, I’d love to see you use purses over gold to barter with!

marian paronyan says:

Say all you want about Birkin bags- they are WAY TOO hyped up. each purse is made by hand in 18 hours as she said. it does not make them worth $100K. In Cotacachi, Ecuador you can find all handmade, luxurious gorgeous leather, Neiman Marcus quality bags for $75-85 or they can make you any design you will show them on a photo. In that little Ecuadorian artisanal town which specializes in leather goods there are 80! leather goods shops. Go visit and buy yourself a leather purse for $85 that will last a lifetime, I have one.

Jenn Truong says:

I am going to ask my husband later on if he can get me the Chanel flap bag. I think that is a classic bag that will last forever! The only other designer bag I own right now is the LV Kimono bag

Solveg Rasmus says:

I do respect that you say its your opinion,and I agree with some of your choices,me personally don’t like the birkin,I think its old and boring….and if I had billions of dollars I still will not buy it.I don’t like the celine or the stella mccartney ,but I will add to your list the YSL bags, and the other new and old Gucci bags,they have so many,but I did like your video ,

عزوز العمري says:

Nice video. Thank u. Sarah Ug

lu wang says:

chanel cf; Celine classic box; Gucci d; ysl:

Sarah Leach says:

It’s not copied because it look like crap.

pretty bullet says:

Geez,, And I really thought I splurged when I paid $ 250 for a handbag.

Nadia Ali says:

Keep your money and don’t follow the trend . This is what causing so many people to go bankrupt and even homeless. Absolute waste of money

Tessie Dobey says:

I own 7 Prada bags and love them

alittlebitofmoi says:

So how can I get a hermes berkins then???

Faith Castillo says:

Folks, just buy what works for you. Personally, I prefer Fossel handbags for their functionality, design, fabrics, durability and construction. As a consequence, I own several.
In my estimation, no one should purchase a handbag as an investment for the future since fashion and tastes change on a whim. Buy what suits your lifestyle, your personality and your taste, not some over-priced status symbol that’ll end up in the bottom of your closet next season,

Mark Davis says:

Is that a South African accent? It’s positively horrendous and makes for impossible listening.

Patricia McGuire says:

Loved your video. I personally think the Mark Cross Kelly bag (vintage for sure) and in the new pastel colors is a fabulous bag.

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