Hi everyone! Today’s video is on the 10 things I think would be helpful to know before buying a Chanel bag!

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Asraeli Tamar says:

I love your nails!

wreck'em tech says:

Going to surprise my sister with a chanel bag for Christmas since she’s always wanted one because it’s also her initials!

Faylene's World says:

Very helpful video. I’m on the hunt for a Chanel in silver metallic this year.

Rebecca Lee says:

Thank you so much for all the detailed information! I’ve been looking around forever trying to figure out info on item availability, stock, busy times to go…I appreciate the time you took to explain everything. Thank you ☺️

coconat says:

Hey girl! Do you know much about Chanel calf skin bags? I’m a die hard Louis Vuitton fan, but I came across a beautiful Chanel (jumbo?) calf skin cosmopolitan (not sure if thats even the right name haha) that has three baby pink compartments on the inside.. does that sound like the right name? and do you know anything about calf skin? thank you for your time xo

Hannah R says:

Great video! Very informative and you look lovely 🙂

Blessed Bythebest100 says:

GREAT video.

JT says:

Does the caviar leather also come with a buffing cloth?

Elizabeth Minshall says:

Great video. Definitely will not be able to afford a Chanel bag for a long time, but hopefully, when I do get the chance to buy one down the road, I will definitely take your tips into consideration. I do want to at least go into a store and actually see one and be able to inspect it in person one day soon. Chanel is the only luxury bag that I would probably ever buy, even though all your other bags are amazing, I would rather save my money and get a Chanel since I have always wanted one. Thanks for the great Video! 🙂

Coffee & Makeup24 says:

What do you recommend as a first Chanel bag (No WOC)? I have a hard time deciding if it is smarter to get a Square mini because it is more “affordable” or to get a real every day/all occasions bag? I fear that the Jumbo is to heavy for that but it seems that the M/L does not hold enough? Please help! @chase_amie

Island Chick says:

Love the info so much but wish you would show the back of the bags ~.~ do any of them have open pockets on back? I see some on the pre loved market with open back pockets and think they are dupes? Idk.

Kristi Zhang says:


RAMDANI Ouafaâ says:

I just love Chanel bags!!!!

1991 says:

how cute is she

Jillian Clemmons says:

Excellent info. Love your earrings!

Vlada Olius says:

I don’t understand why you have so small amount of followers? You have very nice videos. And very helpful!!!!

Alpha Data says:

I’m looking to buy a bag for my sister and I have no idea what Chanel bag to get her

hello12345asdf says:

Do you have any bags in calfskin? If so, what are you thoughts on the wear & tear of calfskin? Thanks for this informative video!

kristychenn says:

For Chanel, do you prefer your bags to be made in Italy, France or Spain? Or does this not matter to you?

Natalie Watson says:

Where is this top from?? It’s adorable!

Genevieve Rachele says:

Thank you for the information. This is helpful, and interesting.

Nicole Golsteijn-Cnoops says:

Thank you for this video. Do you also own a reissue? I am saving for my Chanel bag for when I turn 50 next year. We are going to Düsseldorf next week. But I want to buy it in Paris, so I hope they will help me to arrange that for next year

Mars TV by nikki bass says:

Did you ever think of selling your bags and buying a house? Just saying….

Lesia van der Woman says:

hi. you mentioned Heathrow airport. could you provide more details? what I need to have to get VAT back? is that only ticket for non EU country? Passport of non EU country? what is the probability to buy big classic flap in black caviar there?

A says:

To all Chanel goddess out there, I’m making my first foray into the Chanel world. Would you recommend getting new from the boutique or trying out pre-loved? if pre-loved, can you recommended some good websites? Thanks!

Karina Lowman says:

I found this video very informative. Great video!

Be Fabiola says:

very inforamtive! trying to convince myself that I really don’t need a chanel bag… but they are so tempting hahahaha

Marla Skeffington says:

Thoughtful video. I take exception to your comment that single flaps are not considered classic flaps. They are both considered classic flaps. Chanel stopped making the single flaps in 2010. But they are still considered classic flaps, and many actually prefer the single flap over the double flap.

Mei Zhou says:

Great video and info! Thanks for sharing!

JiSoo Bae says:

Best video about CHANEL bags EVER!! it was so helpful! Thank you☺️


sooo cute! love you!

HBLUV says:

This was a very helpful video for a person new to Chanel. Thanks for sharing!

Lene Jay says:

Seriously great video thank you!

Natalia Perez says:

Great video

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