What´s in my bag?

What´s in my Calvin Klein monogram satchel? In this video I show you everything I carry around in my new Calvin Klein bag. Well, I´m a very neat person, so you might not find that many things in there! 😉 Thank you for watching. Please subscribe if you liked this video. ♥ Sissi




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NurseNJ says:

beautiful bag!  i love it! enjoy!

Normii says:

Your bag is gorgeous <3

CharlotteMGray says:

Great video ! i love your purse !! you’re so pretty !! 🙂 !
keep up the great work !!
i did the same video a few weeks ago and it would mean so much if you could check it out and maybe sub if you like it 🙂 
PS: love the flower in your hair !

Marla Robinson says:

That is a lovely bag.

Ada Solly Styling says:

Great bag. I love my bags to be organised as well.

Lacey Snow Doll says:

Lol what a nice bag but there’s nothing in it you are very organized I like it

Cora LovesGlam says:

Your bag is adorable!! I love this! I subbed! If you don’t mind I’d love it if you’d check out my channel as well! I’d love your thoughts! 

agapelovegirl says:

My bag is a mess! Too much stuff! 🙂 btw I just love your accent. 🙂

Jess Bonita Vida says:

Lovely bag. You really don’t carry a lot. I wish I was the same but I have so much in my bag at the moment. I actually am using a small MK bag so that I wouldn’t carry so much around but some how I still mange to put a whole bunch of stuff in it lol. Great video 🙂 x

Jen Ruhman says:

That is one sweet pretty bag love the tassel!

Megan Costello says:

Love the bag! 😀 You are a minimalist. Nice! 😀 

Mingaile Tarpy says:

I also have only a few absolutely necessary things in my bag…

Caroline Ringersma says:

I am a new subscriber, nice to meet you.  My father is from Holland and my mother from Belgium but I am in Australia.  I also thought your bag was Louis Vuittion.  I am the same with the contents of my bag – less is best.  Also super neat and organised, love make up and skincare products.  Look forward to seeing more of your videos :o)

rinat peled says:

How? How do you do it?? How do you manage with so few things? I think i have my entire house in my bag…lol. By the way, love your new bag. At first glance i thought it is a Louis Vuitton and said to myself “Oh Sissi, you lucky girl!” haha..xoxo

Unraveling Jenna says:

Love that bag!  I just filmed this tag today, so it should be up in a week or so.

Somaline Soch says:

Love your bag & you look beautiful…))

Fab4less says:

Ok you get the award for the least amount of stuff in their bag…lol. Wow you are good! I might end up having back problems my bag is so heavy. Speaking of I should probably do some spring cleaning in my handbag…it’s a mess! 🙂

Cyndi Babulik says:

Lovely bag. You keep it very neat. And that’s good. It’s smart of you to carry emergency money; you never know when you might need it :).

Joye Smith says:

You carry sooo little in your bag!  It would take me 10 min to show all my stuff!!!  Lol. Now this tag I may do!!!

Heartszs says:

I can’t stand clutter in my bag either so I try to clean it out a lot of times during the week. This was a sweet and short video <3

jo34576 says:

Thanks so much for sharing.  Hope you’re having a great day there in Florida.  Big Hugs ~Jo~

EclairsBeauty ♡ says:

Wow! I’m so glad I discovered your channel. Your videos are amazing and you’re so pretty. 🙂  I just subbed. It would be great if you could Subscribe back and check out my videos as well. I would really appreciate it. Thanks dear! 🙂

Glittering the Sky says:

I hate heavy bags too, but sometimes I have to carry a book or my kindle and that makes extra weight. I also have bigger wallet and that add more weight. It is really nice that you can just have those few things. Nice video and I love your new bag 🙂

Sahony Bourdier says:

Love the bag <3

Demi Mist says:

Nice bag you bought!
Although I rarely wear lipstick, I usually have one in my bag.
Seeing your outfit made me feel cold! We leave in different planets! Where’s the Spring here?

Kate Wyatt says:

Omg I recently bought myself a Calvin Klein purse!! I love your phone case where did you get it???

marymary says:

Love the bag.  I thought it was a Louis Vuitton too!  You would barf if you saw what was inside my bag.

Mary Walker says:

I love your bag !

leese910 says:

Oh my gosh!my purse is a mess…filled with receipts and other crap. Please share your organizational tips with us!

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