Quick life update and what’s in my Calvin Klein bag

Hope you all enjoy 🙂 Small update and a what’s in my Calvin Klein bag.


redrockermom0630 says:

Prayers for your family! Love this bag! Are the side pockets big enough for your gun? I also conceal carry…they look big enough…I would like to see your different bags you carry in…I have seen a few of yours…Thanks for your great videos!

Jenny Q says:

I am so sorry to hear about your family’s troubles. I will keep you and your family (and pets) in my prayers. I do have a question about your bag – When it’s filled with the regular stuff that you carry, how much does it weigh? Do any of your purses bother your head or neck? Love the video and I love all of your bags!

All_Things_ Beautiful says:

So sorry about the cat :-(( I hope the dog is found. Prayers sent up <3

Growing Older With Style says:

A missing fur baby is such a devastating thing. I pray the dog is found and well. You have a lot of things in your bag, all well organized and in adorable containers.

MistyRose Lulu says:

I hope your daughter’s puppy comes home. My dog ran away for three days, and the policeman brought him home. He had a collar with name and address. Thankfully! Also so sorry to hear about the cat passing. It is hard losing a pet. I can hear your sadness for your daughter in your voice. I still enjoyed this video. ❤

Linda Gardellini says:

Sorry to hear that you still haven’t found your daughter’s dog! 🙁
And such bad timing for the cat to go too! You’ve certainly had your share of worry lately. Keeping you and your family in my prayers, Alisa! Loved seeing Poppy’s gorgeous little face at the end….please give him a big cuddle for me 🙂
LOVED the bag and the bright colored cosmetic pouch too!

Cindy Skimmyhorn says:

Your poor daughter, I feel so bad for her. I hope you find her dog soon. I’m so sorry about her cat. Glad your brother is doing better. This is a very comfy looking bag. Love the look and the colors. Nice fall shade.

Carol Young says:

Love the purse. Would love to know what the style name is! Sending prayers to your family and furbabies ❤

Deb Storybags says:

Oh, I’m so very sorry. Pets are so important to us all and it hurts when they pass or go missing. Just terrible. —– You CK bag is just perfect. And no I never get bored with seeing what’s in your purse. You carry a lot more then me. Now my videos are really the same. Stevia, hand sanitizer, tissues, and pill box.

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