How to Clean Your Designer Handbag

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Lil Maritimer says:

Thanks so much for this! What number was the black and white bag with the pink lining?

Goodness 250 says:

I’m impressed that this didn’t remove any of the dyes from the leather trim where there was overspray.
Do you have any recommendations for how to clean the leather parts?

Guzelsin Ahu says:

I just bought this product and cleaned mine!!!! Let’s see when it dry how clean it will look 😉 btw great video

my vintage estate says:

wow this is great – I have used the dish soap but it doesnt clean like this – can anyone post specific stores that have it? They have a Walmart site but ships from another retailer

Margherita Sicilian Beauty says:

How can I clean my Juicy Couture velour bags?

solrsys says:

Genius!! Thank you!!

w c says:

“Don’t use on leather”…sprays on leather

Ndn101 Tv says:

can you use it for Kipling and Chanel?

Christy Page says:

I have an MK bag that was sitting around dirty… and I found this so hopefully I can get it cleaned up and use it again!! so excited!

Beatriz Alexandrina Mecenas says:

Can it remove rust stains as well? Thanks!

Katie Dornon says:


Valerie Mercer says:

Excellent video, thanks!

Aysha Arshad says:

great quick tip

J5353Dominguez says:

Thank you so much I was so scared to ruin my bag since it was a gift from my husband but after your video I am gonna go for it. Wish me luck!

Lauri Recaño Costoso says:

Any tips for cleaning a longchamp it has a really big stain and I don’t know what it is.

KandA Hubbard says:

Great job thanks for the help. I have the same coach handbag with the hot pink liner that I came here looking for a DIY cleaning.

MsMcmoe says:

Thank you so much for making this vid, I didn’t know what to do when I was given
a 2nd hand Coach purse that was obviously well put to use. Years ago I was told to
do cleaning this way for the lining of a leather blazer, but I’d forgotten about that.

Jennifer Doyle says:

Any idea if the automotive cleaner will work on bags with a polyester/twill material?

CityRhythmPart1 says:

Hi, hope you are well. I was hoping if you could help me please. I had a chemical spill on designer bag emergency and I need your help and advice asap please if possible! I bought a men’s messenger bag from Bottega Venta not too long ago, I hardly use it. I kept it in the dust bag in the wardrobe, I also had a small plastic container dehumidifier next to it. The dehumidifier contains calcium chloride which absorbs moist in the air. Anyway, there has been a spill of the liquidfied calcium chloride, the bottom part of bag were soaked, now the leather has shrank and harden!! What a disaster! Truly upsetting!! What can I do?? Rub leather conditioner over the leather?? But the leather would still have the chemicals doesn’t it??

Missy Mitchell says:

Use any holding spray to get ink out. I use Aquanet.

Ambrose Paxton says:


Laura Ton says:

Love this video!!! I will try it soon… one question, was there any lingering odor or residue from the cleaner on the purses after they dried?

Tony N says:

Thanks, looking for your new video.

Sarah Davidson says:

thank you I will try this. I’ve got a few that needs to be cleaned!!!

Kara lopez R says:

Hi quick question do you think I can use it on my nylon diaper bag it has milk but I’m afraid that it will ruin my bag since is black

Lilly V LA says:

wow great job so scared to spray everywhere n yes I need gloves

Bhairavi Patel says:

Any tips on cleaning the sateen lining in the coach purse?

Jem Kal says:

Would you be able to use this method on a men’s burberry check logo wallet?

Carolyn Nguyen says:

Does this work on leather or should I avoid the leather part.

aaronr2000 says:

I bought one for the Mrs. that has an odor. Does this product neutralize odors? Great video btw!

Kathi Butler says:

Rubbing Alcohol takes the Ink marks out of the lining

step3848 says:

wow! thanks so much, very good and helpful.

Natalie Gee says:

I have resolve, do you think that’ll work?

Kathy Yoo says:

thank you, I was gonna throw mine away. I’m going to get the blue corral and try.

Isabel Garcia says:

Hi amazing video very informative but i have a question would this work on the inside of my michael kors megan bag?? its very dirty just from everyday use

crysinlove says:

Thank you! Need to sell some purses & this is perfect to get them looking lile new again. 🙂

Ebonee Hall says:

can I clean my Gucci bag the same way?

Clare Vela says:

omg!!!! thaaank u soo much!! i thought my purse was doomed

kissycastaneda says:

thanks for posting this!!! I JUST got a coach bag second hand and I need to clean it

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