6 Months of Daily Wear: MeUndies and Mack Weldon Honest Review

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Will I be switching my mens underwear from David Beckham, Express, Calvin Klein, Frank and Oak, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, Jockey, or Hanes to these new underwear startups? Should I sign up for a mens underwear subscription? I will find out in the coming weeks but I need your help to do my comprehensive comparison review! Comment below if you have any questions that you would like me to answer I will make sure to do so!

What is the best mens underwear? What’s the softest Underwear? Is Mack Weldon better than MeUndies? check out the full review!

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From Mack Weldon:



If you don’t like your first pair of underwear, we’ll send you a different size, style, or issue you a refund. No returns required.


We make returns as painless as possible. Just contact our team in NYC and they’ll walk you through our free return process.


This one needs no explanation or calculator. Just spend over $50 and we’ll ship your gear free of charge.
We thought boxer briefs deserved an upgrade. We built ours from the ground up, starting with our super soft 18-hour Jersey and adding design features like a no-roll waistband and mesh cooling zones for optimal comfort. It’s the classic boxer brief, reinvented.
A great boxer brief is all about fit, fabric, and comfort. This one takes the cake. Mesh zones keep you cool, a no-roll waistband anchors things up top, and our stay-put leg design prevents riding up below. Imported.

47.5% Long Staple Cotton / 47.5% Modal / 5% Lycra


Shopping for basics was always a chore. There was the pilgrimage to the department store, the mind-numbing assortment to dig through, and the products that always disappointed once you got them home. Even when you did find something you liked, a year later it’d be gone. And don’t even get us started on all the over-sexed, airbrushed ads.

There had to be a better way.

We founded Mack Weldon out of a belief that we could make superior, well-made basics worth wearing and a shopping experience that wouldn’t make going commando look like a more pleasant alternative. From our fabrics to our design process, we started from scratch, obsessing over every single detail until we’d reached as close to perfect as humanly possible. The result: a collection of shirts, socks, and underwear made with an unparalleled fit and fabrics that wear unlike any other. All that, and they’re shipped right to your door.

From MeUndies:
The only pair of boxer briefs you will ever want to put on. Get ready to experience a whole new level of comfort.
92% MicroModal® 8% Elasthane (warm, durable, and natural)
Extruded from all natural Austrian Beechwood tree fiber (reduces odor)
The low rigidity of the Beechwood fibers allow for unparalleled, natural softness (twice as soft as cotton)
Eco-friendly fiber manufacturing involving Edelweiss technology incorporating CO2 neutral processes in which up to 95% of production materials are recovered (sustainable sourcing)
Soft, flexible elastic waistband follows the contours of your body (perfect fit)
Stretch blend (moves with you)





dcharizard91 says:

Where is your Under Armour review video?

matt hasheider says:

Love the reviews none of these ‘internet shop for men’ are cheep and its great to get a review of just is it worth the money.

GuacamoleKun says:

Guess it’s MeUndies for me, since Mack Weldon only does guy undies. 🙂 They sure look comfortable though.
As for socks, I just replaced most of mine with Smartwool. I’ve become a wool snob, and won’t buy cotton socks anymore..

Rhythms Unlocked says:

Bomba socks are a life changer for me. just for comfort and that I don’t have to go through 2-3 pair of socks a day

Hollywoodsteve says:

Based on all that I heard about both brands I felt that I would like the MeUndies would be a better fit for me and boy was I right! I now have 16 pairs of their medium boxer briefs and I check their website often to see if the designs that are sold out are back in stock (I have a pair of navy stripes on the way and I recently got the Montauk and Hamptons designs as well). They fit great, have a better waistband than the others and have a light, soft fabric that feels amazing. I would also like to add that hand washing and flat drying is a great option for making them last. I would not dare put this fine underwear in the dryer.

CJ Collins says:

You should review Combatant Gentlemen.

TheCuzeeYT says:

Here because of Keemstars mistake

Chris Dodges says:

0:04 Pause #JoeBudden

John De Martin says:

I have worn the Mack Weldon 18 hour trunks for month and really like them. We’ll build and very comfortable. Looking forward on trying the Silver ones. Great review!

William Ingram says:

Regarding the Mack Weldon link, I emailed them the other day and just received a response that the discount program was suspended in January due to “abuse of the program.”

Max Becerra says:

stance socks?

Trent Kilberg says:

lulu lemon makes the greatest underwear on the planet. As a guy with thicker legs a big consideration is leg seam thickness because it shows through when your pants are a bit tight around the thigh.

Nicholas Alexander Garbacz says:

Thanks for the review! Hope that clicking the link for Weldon got you credit – I just ordered a 3pack – once they arrive we’ll see how they are over the next couple weeks. Also, yes, enjoy your hair while you’ve got it – you have a great attitude!

ExXsTacYinHD says:

review stuff for people like me Brioni, kiton, and ermenegildo zegna

David Hoffmann says:

Haven’t tried the Mack Weldon socks but I wear the smart wool classic ribs to work every day. Cooler than a typical dress sock in the summer and warm in the winter, the most comfortable and breathable dress socks I’ve ever owned. http://www.smartwool.com/shop/men-socks-dress

asdquet says:

“Getting dressed in the dark” is a very creative way of trying to hide the fact that the MeUndies have a itchy tag at the back.

jere call says:

I decided to purchase the Mack Weldon trunks. Based on my initial impressions they’re really comfortable and offer nice support. I’ll see how they wear over the next few months. Great review on your part. Thanks

c0pyimitati0n says:

You seem like a serial killer.. I get an American Psycho vibe lol.. I think it’s the slick back hairdo.

GnomesAmok says:

Someday I’ll have meundies money. Someday.

Zio says:

Thanks for the review! But this site specifically decline my credit card 🙁
Any ideas why that happens?

SaintsDynasty says:

For socks: anonymous ism, chup (my favorite), corgi, and mr. gray. All very well made, all with highly interesting patterns.

Ryan Sullivan says:

Well done series. Any update on the Mack Weldon referral? I’m waiting to pull the trigger on an overhaul. Thanks!

Merlot Embargo says:

Thanks for this in depth review – curious if you’ve true happy socks, and how the Mack weldons compare? I’m not a sock connesueir but I do have a bunch of pairs of that from marshalls or somewhere like that.

apsitively says:

“you wear underwear every single day…”
Still watching, so this may have been answered, but my Calvin Kleins developed some bald spots where the micronetting was still there but the soft material is gone. Curious about whether this happens with either of these pairs.

Curtis Mc says:

In my opinion nothing beats ETHIKA! Give them a try and make a review probably.

RizetoPower says:

how are your MeUndies holding up? many love the softness but feel they don’t last long enough, especially considering the price.

Nikki Stuart says:

I am getting one of these brands for my boyfriend specifically because of your video. Thanks! Your bio says you have referral codes and 20% off but I don’t see it when I click through

Obvious Cabbage says:

Soooo… You review socks? O.o

MrMyYoyo says:

How the hell did I get here?

Wade Robson says:

I’ve been wearing the trunk version of Mack Weldon for a while. I had been (and still do sometimes) wear 2xist all cotton underwear. I have to say this Mac Weldon Cotton/Lycra blend feels like fine Pima cotton. I originally bought the Trunk Weldon for the look but by accident I discovered the the fabric that overlaps the fly creates a large pocket and on very humid days it’s amazingly comfortable to tuck your penis into this pocket, keeping it from clinging to your scrotum. I only wish the fly opening was closed. I never use a fly in underwear anyway. I am going to try the Mack Weldon briefs next time around, though.

Konstantin Kokkorakis says:

Yuck these have to be the ugliest granddad style pants in the world

Sheath Underwear says:

We love the Review he just did on SHEATH Underwear!!! Great to be in the company of such great underwear Brands.

Lucas Oyen says:

Get a haircut

Ritch Flynn says:

Have you tried Tani underwear? I’ve heard its the best. Great review btw.

ProPalletCreations says:

Have you tried darn tough socks? Also Marino wool.

Skip Alvarez says:

Hey Kavalier! Great videos! Keep them coming. So you actually convinced me to buy mack weldon underwear and I love them. Best pairs of underwear I have ever owned. I do want to try the me undies but on their website they have the underwear photographed flat and it looks like it’s an odd shape. It looks like the fabric really comes out from the waistband. Could you tell me how it’s compared to their photo? Should I try them or just stick with mack weldon?

Cat says:

Condolences to your hair genes. My father’s side have hair for days, my grandfather has had the same full head of hair and combed hairstyle since the 60s. My mom’s side all still have their full hair too. I’m crossing my fingers that my genes don’t let me down

Anas Ryadi says:

What’s your Mack Weldon refferal code the link is not working.

Eddie Palomares says:

30k viewed video 🙂 congrats

Charles Loose says:

Would you please, please, please do a comparison of Tommy John and say Mypakage underwear…or for that matter any of those that have the dedicated compartment for your package.

rollership says:

hey that’s the same framed breakfast photo ron swanson has…

StorkNest says:

I wear long tube socks everyday and my favorite brand is stance socks they are so comfy and have amazing designs on them you should definitely check them out

c0pyimitati0n says:

Hahaha that picture…

Sleepy Sloth says:


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