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For my iOffer Review Part 2 click here: http://youtu.be/UCf6Kx0CF8A

UPDATE 2016: Due to the increased amount of requests for the sellers information on iOffer I wanted to let everyone know that I no longer have their information. I bought these 2 years ago and have since stopped purchasing from China. The sellers I went through are no longer on iOffer. I recommend using eBay or Poshmark for authentic designer bags for the fraction of retail. Thanks for watching! 🙂


Katie Glass says:

great review!

Kirsten Tucker says:

Lol girl people who spend 5k on a bag, are paying for the brand….I like u would rather spend wayyyyyy less on a replica that looks the same as a real one, and still get my bills paid and have healthy food on the table. U go girl!

Il mondo di Isa says:

I’m sorry I’m Italian . . I do not understand very well. . . how much is the Chanel bag ? it is beautiful

iruka56 says:

Awesome video ;).

I got a LV Mens Wallet and some people think its real. Honestly replicas are in a sense have a longer lasting then the real ones.

I had mine for about 4years now xd.

Ahmaya Comer says:

People act like their all rich and famous enough to buy all real stuff. NOT! grown people have bills sometimes children college and more! you think I’d sit here and buy a 1,000 dollar bag? Im sorry but no. Good job girly! You found AMAZING deals. Now im going to I offer

Young women leaders in Christ says:

thanks girl i ve been shopping there for a while i don’t know why you got rid of them nothing wrong with buying something looking exactly like the réal have several seat even if i was rich i won’t do it

James Morris says:

Is this a good site to order from?? I’m thinking of making a purchase..And is can you search for a certain seller??

Martine Savage says:

what’s the seller name you brought the Chanel bag from?

Cleopatra says:

You go girl! I have authentic and some replicas and no one cares in real life unless your hanging out with snobs. I personally decided I’m not wasting any more on authentics like Chanel who charges 5 grand for a canvas tote! I went on ioffer too hahaha my replica looks amazing.

Kendell Lawing says:

you should do more replica review videos on different products! I’m in college and I have a students budget. lol I’m soo into quality replicas! thanks for the video, subscribed. hope to hear more from you! xoxo

SxyScorpiOo says:

Just an update: I’ve been getting several requests for seller info. I bought my stuff in February so unfortunately I no longer have the detailed info. The only seller still on ioffer is TOPQUALITYTOTE. Search that name and her shop will come up. Thanks! 🙂

Sweet Tips says:

You are great for sharing and doing this video but those are B quality bags…they look so fake and the LV never full the stitching is off…you should try ALIEXPRESS if you don’t like your merchandise they refund you money and fast…

monica moon says:

I know this from 2yrs ago. but  doesn’t customs pick up on this?

cazy wade says:

Thank you for your video 🙂

Thokozile Xaba says:

May I ask who was the seller you got the Chanel bag from please?

becca says:

so the items on ioffer are just replicas,not the real thing?

Amy S says:

Gorgeous bags
Do you know if they sell in the UK?

Martine Savage says:

Thanx for replying back

Jdore Couture says:

Definitely a good replica! This will help me find a good Celine replica on that site. Thank you 🙂

Gina Bass says:

I love the Chanel rue de cambon but I can’t find it anywhere on Ioffer. Let me know if anyone has a link for it and I’ll be forever grateful 🙂

sophie & celina says:

hi! so thx for your video…i wasn’t sure if i should go with ioffer, your post is from 2014 and im in 2016 lol should i go with them and by stuff and trust the hole thing?

Melissa Saca says:

What are the names of the buyers you use?

popinfresh says:

I didn’t know the neverfull ever came in multicolor.

Jordan Cymrot says:

how long did it take to ship??

mysticalfairy32 says:

I love your lv multicolor!! thank u for this video,can u please email me sellers name,I couldn’t find anything like that on I offer,my email is pinkglitter4012@yahoo.com, thank u

Allena Howard says:

could you suggest a few definite positive sellers.. I work hard for my money, can afford to be scammed! I have a few sellers in mind, cud I share them with you and you let me know if I should go for it or not? this would be my first time ordering from ioffer I have a few offers.. I’m just skeptical

chrissy says:

I’m interested in buying from ioffer, what kinds of payments do they take?

sparkle and shine says:

There is nothing wrong with fakes not everyone can afford £2000 a bag

yannn1024 says:

OMG! I this video! Thank u so much for sharing! I’m in Love with your handbags! Did you got all of them from the same seller?? Can you please give me the links or the name of the sellers?? Thank u so much!


i love Samantha from sex n the city too! love the haulx x 

symone love says:

are you gonna do more haul videos from ioffer?

elle alless says:

how good were the quality of the headphones you got? how long did they last?

Lisamovie Lisa says:

I bought several items from I offer so far so good.

Georgina Lucey says:

Have you got any of the links for the sellers you got the bags from? Struggling to find sellers on iOffer I trust. Thanks! xx 

july92300 says:

What’s the price of the chanel bag? Ioffer?

Vanessa Herrera says:

you do the best review’s ever i love the detail you put into it, i have had a few good purchases on ioffer but i haven’t found a way to search for specific sellers yet so i have to thumb through and just hope i get a good product, anyways i just want to say thank you so much for this review & the other 2 reviews linked to this one 🙂

Bonita Wong says:

Is the ioffer site trusted?

SxyScorpiOo says:

So sick of hearing nonsense about dislike of replicas. It’s exhausting. At least once a day I have to delete comments from the high and mighty. If you wanna blow 5 grand on a bag for me, than by all means.
Otherwise, move along. Not interested.

Alex K says:

Love this video!!! thanks soooo much!!! what vender did you get the LV bag from?? xx

Ricky johnston says:

you’re quite hot though

Fellicia Westfield says:

Thank You for the video.I dont see whats the big deal in buying a replica.The purse looks fabulous and people dont care if its fake or not . Honestly i wouldn’t pay 5k for a purse thats ridiculous and nobody cares how much u spend on it either.Ty for the video i am so going to shop there.

Quartz Universe says:

How much did you spend for all of the stuff?

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