Heyyy Guyss!!!

Sooo… aren’t you just as excited as me about this video!! You’re either cheap or broke, I mean both are about me too hahaha and you can’t afford a designer bag yet you like the aesthetic of a designer Bag, guess what?!!! YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!

Quick Note: SHEIN, they always have sale and discount codes when you spend certain amounts!!! How Amazing!!! Broke Girl ain’t Broke no moeee!!

So here are the links to wear I got my dupes from (Shhhh) Don’t tell anyone they are fake and no one would know!!

-Chloe Grey Drew Shoulder Bag in Small Dupe:

-Chanel Black Leather Chevron Boy Shoulder Bag Dupe:

-Gucci Small Dionysus Embroidered Bamboo Top Handle Bag Dupe:

As usual Thank you ever so much for watching the video!!

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Thank you so much for watching again, love you guys!!!!



mylyn may sison says:

We are on sale now! up to 50% off on selected Katloo bags. Please visit our website to redeem the code. We ship worldwide We are also in Amazon please check our store now.

JA G says:

Your sweet, but stop rambling.

D world says:

U look like bollywood actress ravina tondon

tobes 88 says:

Great job, ur video helped me so much . Been wanting to order the dupe bags from Shein for awhile now but was unsure. Thank you for the review!!

Cherylyn Mata says:

Your review convinced me to buy thank you

Willie Malanga says:

You are gorgeous and humble. I like your honesty. I rather have a nice house, my entire family who is from a third world, eat every day.

YoSr says:

more dupes please!

Tenille Tollison says:

Did I read that right?? 23,000 and some odd se ya for the first one??? Heck I wouldn’t pay 1000 for that or 100

missouriimazaki says:

You look like sheikha Mozah, you are so pretty

Yvonne Alabaster says:

Omg so agree even if I could afford it there are so many better more important uses for money.

My Hero iin says:

You are so cute ! Great video !

undomiel152003 says:

I came across your video by chance, and subscribed after first view. You’re adorable!

BriBri Blacks says:

First video but had to sub. Tired of YouTubers and the fake rich life



salome gogoladze says:

is the duplication leather ? what’s the material ? thx

Sarah Jones says:

Yes Doll…..just found this video & can’t get enough!! Please film more of these!!! XxOo

Mai Ho says:

The Chloe bag is sold out – GUTTED! 🙁

Michelle Kaplan says:

oooooh I LOVE SheIn! I get all my shoes from there!! Their slides/mules/loafer slides (haha I’m not sure what they’re called) are so comfortable

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