My Handbag Collection | Affordable & Practical

What is your most used handbag/purse? All the bags shown are listed below. Enjoy 🙂

ALDO | Trapezoid zip tote
ZARA | City / Office Bag
ZARA | Quilted Chain Flap
FERRAGAMO | Flap Saddle Bag
ZARA | Flora Applique Medium Satchel
KATE SPADE | Abela Flap Cross Body “Warm Guava”
ZARA | Duo Toned Top Handle Bag
ZARA | Large Soft Tote with drawstring*


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*Select items shown in this video were provided by PR for testing and review consideration. This does not distort my opinion in any way, I’m not otherwise associated with the brand and all thoughts expressed come from my personal experience. I use them in this video either because I am in the process of testing them out or they just work really well and fit what I need for the day/video.

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Britney D says:

I absolutely love the nude/orange combo of the zara bag! should have grabbed it when I had the chance 🙁 but I see a new black/burgundy combo which isn’t bad either

gallyi says:

i also have the second one but the bag in itself is a bit heavy in my opinion… too bad because i love it!

Arifa Abdul jaleel says:

Loved ur video and ur bags too.

Ruth Anzalone says:

Love the Ferragamo, it’s so timeless. Great collection.

iudecis says:

I love this vid! It’s so hard to find someone with a bag collection that isn’t entirely birkins or has bags that aren’t super expensive. I do have to say that I have a few coach bags (2 newer, 1 vintage) and that they are a very good bag, they’re made very nicely and last for a while depending on the type of material. The glovetanned leather that comes on the saddle bag you were talking about (btw that bag is a reproduction of the 70s version) lasts for a very long time and can take lots of wear.

MiSa_dePan says:

You could describe poop and I’d still find it enjoyable and enlightening. Congrats!!

Sandy W says:

Love your hair in this video. Don’t know if you’ve done a hair how to but I’d love to see this one.

Joanne Tran says:

Thank you

jingorokitty says:

Function over form definitely! That goes with handbags, shoes, furniture, you name it. I do love functional items that also carry a lot of style though! Those are always a pleasure to use/wear.

You’ve got a great collection!

bebetulips says:

i love the kate spade bag colour ❤️

Rachel says:

I love watching your videos. You are completely relatable. I don’t own any designer items and I find myself feeling inadequate when I watch videos of other people flaunting bags worth thousands of dollars. I like you only own “entry level” designers – coach, Marc by Marc jacobs, longchamp Le pliage. Nothing over the $400 dollar
mark. It’s great functionality is important for you. I can tell many of your bags are well loved too

Nickey Wonder says:

I absolutely respect you for having affordable designer things that you are proud of. TFS!

The Viet Vegan says:

So many cute faux leather bags!! That lil kate spade bag is just adorbs! I prefer the zipper at the top too 🙂 This isn’t super affordable, but if you’re interested in a really gorgeous, faux leather, luxury-end bag, you might like Angela Roi 🙂 I’m a lover of Matt & Nat bags though. Super well made and eco-conscious, super practical and minimalist too.

Shar Dances says:

Practicality is what matters most to me when it comes to bags otherwise I would just sell them. New subbie! 😀

Beini Wu says:

I love how realistic your collection is! I own a number of bags from Zara as well and they’re seriously the best, super affordable and yet stylish, without being too trendy, the perfect combination!

Heli Fin says:

I have few Kors bags and Minkoff bags. The bag has to look nice but also fit in my lifestyle. I also want the bag to last many years… I liked the zara “chanel” bag.

Elise Parker says:

I definitely have a bag obsession! I have two toddlers so I mostly carry diaper bags these days and came across Lily Jade bags. They mostly make leather diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags. They’re very chic but they have amazing organization because of the removable insert that comes with each bag. There’s a ton of pockets to fill different needs (zipped, gusseted, elastic for a water bottle, etc). I don’t think they were around before I had my first baby but I would absolutely buy them even if I didn’t have children.

jingorokitty says:

By the way I’m very fond of Tory Burch’s bags. Classy preppy but always with modern stylish details. Great quality leather and construction too. Have you ever looked into her collections?

Sisogel Pichurrillos says:

I’m definitely a practical handbag type of girl (or should I say woman). The last bag I purchased (better said, asked for as a Christmas present) is a new concept of bag that I was introduced to by one of my friends. Italian brand O-bag has bags that you can entirely customize to your liking. They have three or four types of “body” in a multitude of colors, a bunch of different handles and other accessories. I have no idea if this company is available in Canada but, if it is, you could check it out. It’s a bit on the pricey side but if you take into account that just by simply buying another pair of handles (or a cross body handle) you can totally switch up the look of your handbag, I think it would not be as expensive in the end, since the body is sturdy and very easy to clean.

Denise Sheehan says:

I really appreciate your practical and sensible approach to bags. Nice choices. I will only buy leather simply because they last.

rasillaS2 says:

Love the general post of this. I always loved your choice in the bags u choose, since I typically go for these styles. Anyway, thanks for sharing ur collection w us xD

Bellesativa says:

Nice collection. No Zara near me, boo. Love your Ferragamo, actually tried to find a similar at *bay, haha. Not a fan of KS especially as a gateway into designer because they seem too much like an outlet bag, IMO, besides now they are just Coach’s mass market brand so they can make their own 1941 premium collection more exclusive. The 1941 Saddle bag on your wishlist is a lovely bag but my only hold back is that the flap is unsecured and there is only the strap to hold things in and I tend to upend my bag from the passenger seat sending my cell phone flying out. The current Coach outlet has a similar Glovetanned Saddle 23 if you can get to one which has a zip top inside, very respectable for a made for outlet. Other investment worthy contemporary names I like are Longchamp, Henri Bendel, and Karl Lagerfeld for whimsy. I also like Lodis for their conservative design and workmanship, especially if you like structured bags.

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