I’ve finally filmed my 2017 Handbag Collection video! Clearly I have a love for Louis Vuitton, but plan to expand my collection to other designers this year. Stay tuned for my 2017 Luxury Wishlist video very soon!! But if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already! That would make me SO happy!♥



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Chanel Mini Review:
Favorite MM Review:
Neverfull VS Speedy:
Handbag Organizers:
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Louis Vuitton SLG Collection Video:



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Allietexascutie Ruggles says:

Hi Shea – love your videos – you are so pretty and have such great taste – watching them really helped me decide on which LV to purchase. I do have a LV that is about 5 years old – I have never used it – I have all the packaging, etc. so I was thinking of selling it do you have any suggestions for the best place to sell a used LV? Thanks!

vivian zhong says:

I totally agree! The very first lux bag just magically opened a whole new world of luxury goods!

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Love your LV collection!

Nickey Wonder says:

So I think just convinced me to sell my LV Speedy 35 for the Speedy B!!

Lisa Jadji says:

are you still selling the MK Safiano bag??

Xime Pena says:

Great video! What color nail polish did you use? Looks really natural and “clean”.

Sisca Skl says:

Love your videos!


Wonderful Collection.

Selena Aun says:

hi 😀
Could u tell me where to get the one behind u (Chanel, Dior ,……) it looks like a box

Rozi Rana says:

Omg so beautiful collection ❤❤❤

Anamika Unlimited says:

New subbie here! I think I just watched all your videos in one go 🙂 wonderful!

bugseye66 says:

Love ur videos been binge watching u all day and subscribed

Mahesha Samaraweera says:

Hey hi, love ur video! Can you post the fb link to the Lv group and channel group, thanks !!

carriemeawaytoday says:

I’m a new subscriber. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! I’ve been watching for a few hours now starting from the beginning. Thank you for being so thorough

Tarina TR says:

Hi, im loving your videos as I’m trying to add more bags to my lv collection but don’t know which ones so your videos are being a great help for me to decide. I was wondering how you got the luggage tag I’m looking for the tag online but have had no luck maybe they don’t do it in the UK but did you get it separately or with the Neverfull? because i’ve got the neverfull but i didn’t get one 🙁 lol great videos and keep it up and i have subscribed to you x

danya abdoney says:

Nail color?

therealBRITSofNY says:

new subbie. Beautiful bags, appreciate your opinions on the different ones…have a brilliant night..Sue

Amber Rose says:

You have an amazing collection

Gloria Cheng says:

I really love ur collection!!:) luxury bags can become such an obsession with us girls haha:) you’re so so gorgeous too:)

Pinche Edna says:

Love your collection! I appreciate that you have a mix of bags and its not all high end designers!

Noemi Cuevas says:

This is the second video of yours that I watch. I’m officially subscribed! You seem like such an awesome person!

Zadose18 says:

Welcome to the dumb whore part of YouTube

Shorouk Wege says:

I love my metis!!! Bought it right before Christmas and I have pretty much only used it! The price went up $200 since I bought it 🙂 love your videos, I’m new to your Chanel 🙂

Jennifer McGee says:

the black Chanel is beautiful and classic!

neshanta1 says:

Beautiful collection.

Jennifer McGee says:

I love the Neverfull in the Damier Ebene. It is so classic and very high on my wish list. I needed a really nice summer bag, so I got the Azur in the Totally MM. I can’t wait to use it. Next time I’ll get the Ebene Neverfull.

Joan Huebner says:

Does your DA bag get color transfer I really want one but I’m not sure. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bag that’s gonna get ruined

Jennifer Blue says:

“scratch that I son’t go to the gym!” That was hilarious!!! 😉

Nickey Wonder says:

Girl I am loving that Super large MK Selma… Nice!!!

Julie Ann says:

You have such a knack at this stuff!!

Karen .c.h says:

I have several organizers and agree, Original Club is fantastic. I’m a DE and empreinte girl, but my Pochette Metis is my favorite monogram bag. Nice bag collection. Thanks for sharing.

Rozi Rana says:

Will love to buy Mk Bag if you were to post it in Australia

Yvette Favela says:

I love your channel!

Christina Alonso says:

I LOVE, LOVE your collection! You present yourself wonderfully. I received my LV Neverfull MM for Christmas this year, and I absolutely LOVE it! However, it def. needs an organizer. Thanks for all of your advice and I look fwd to your next video! XO

Jabou baa says:

I have those books. I bough them on etsy

hollie leggett says:

Hi Shea. I just found your channel and have to say that I love your handbag collection. Thanks for the great reviews and opinions on how these bags wear over time. Looking forward to your other videos.

Kaholi Achumi says:

fantastic, wish to have one.

Lynne Lariba says:

Love your collection!! I just follow you in Instagram 🙂 And order my first Louis vuitton which is the Clemence wallet in monogram canvas since i watched your review on that wallet. I am so excited cant wait to have it! Thanks for that very nice review!!

Alejandra Ospina says:

Where do you sell your bags?

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