My 1st Vegan Designer Bag Unboxing!

Don’t miss out, subscribe here! Hey guys 🙂 As my snapchat fam knows, I’m have been changing ALL of my products and lifestyle to vegan and cruelty free. I have stopped purchasing non-vegan beauty and home products and now I’m happy to share my very first cruelty free bag with you! As you can see, I’m in LOVE!!! Let me know what you think of my purchase in the comments below 🙂

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JDiggz says:

Where did you get this bag?

Rachel B says:

I love this bag SO much, and it’s so beautiful and vegan!! Perfect!! It’s sold out on Saks, I’m wondering if this was a limited edition thing or you think it might come back? Also wondering if the inside is just black fabric like the leather one.

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

I love your commitment to cruelty-free-vegan! ❤❤❤ You’re such a wonderful example :))

nubia bonilla says:

Omg I just saw this by any chance are you re selling this hand bag ???

Karen Jordan says:

Beautiful bag! Looking for a reputable site to purchase gently used bags — where did you get this from?

Elca Sharma says:

Stella McCartney is all vegan I believe.

Valery Solis says:


Annabell Tang says:

You are beautiful TOo internally and externally ~ great to start vegan shopping

None None says:

it looks so cheap tbh

Steve Perry says:

If you want a VEGAN BAG company that does it right look up MATT & NAT!!!!!!!

Joseph Cicerone says:

this video made me so happy.. I love that you’re still getting your fashion fix a d being a conscious consumer

Linda Sedleniece says:

When did you become vegan? Honestly I started watching your channel for some makeup videos and when I just found out that you are vegan, I was like “Hell yeah!!” and I got super excited! :)) Sold! this is my favorite channel now :)) <3 You are amazing and I love your videos. I love that they are not too long and you can explain yourself in brief. Also my eyes love your videos - lights and quality of your videos are perfect. I've learned a lot from you. Good job!

Pamela D. says:

I didn’t know Givenchy makes vegan bags!

Luxshiani G says:

I loveeeeeeee this bag! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Alexandra, I’m so glad it’s yours!

Sirenya Truong says:

How did you tie your shirt like that ?

tauruslove07 says:

this review was so helpful 🙂

whimsicalpatriot says:

I love Givenchy Antigona! You made a good decision!

Nathalie Dalarve says:

witch size??????

Akram Aliraqi says:

اني احبج ..that mean i love you

Ana Eva Delgado Luque says:

Why vegans consider plastic as “vegan ” if plastic comes from pretoleum and this is made of animals?

Jennie Canela says:


Camilla Vika Høgemark says:

Yes! I need this bag in my life! I’m truly jealous.
Also, about buying from non-vegan brands: It’s creating demand. We can show brands that there is a growing market for cruelty free and vegan products, while also supporting fully vegan brands 🙂

Nancy G says:

I love your new bag!!! Could you share where you bought it from? Thanks! Subbing : )

Nathalie Dalarve says:

OMG i am in love where did you buy it???

Agave Afro says:

I need to get myself a vegan bag like now!

Lupe Del La Son says:

Lol I got one for my mom sister, & they both got me one without even knowing it.

Curious Mermaid says:

Yes girllll!!!! i love this bag!!! I did a Purse Unboxing and Review .. If you see fit , let me know what you think. Great Cant wait to see more from you in the future! Yay new YT friends ❌⭕

Lipstick and Anissa says:

Check out Stella McCartney <3

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