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Forever 21 Satchel:
Hot Buns:
Urban Outfitters Basketweave Eternity Scarf:
Urban Outfitters Rings:
Aldo Rings:
BaubleBar’s website:


dorqy says:

even if the strap is not meant for the bag, maybe you can put one end on the front and the other end on the back? so there is more balance?

sunhara kadam says:

For the aldo bag you can clip the long handle with the shorter handle where you clipped it but one in the front and one behind in a diagonal way. I hope you understand this! the way i put it is confusing but i don’t know how else to frame my sentence.

Kelsi Leggett says:

I’m assuming the black strap is meant to cross over the handles! Like you how you had it clipped to the front loops…put one there and the other on the back side so it will cross over the actual opening! I have an Ivanka Trump bag that straps that way. It is confusing, but it doesn’t look bad at all!

Kat M. says:

No it is meant for that bag, the demo one on the shelf also included the long strap, and it was packaged neatly in the bag with all the stuffing, brand new in a plastic container when the salesgirl brought me a new bag from the back, so it is meant for the bag

Hannah Claudia says:

Omg who knew forever 21 bags looked that nice?! Love the haul 😉

Kat M. says:

Haha, I get that a lot… I still think we look different though! 🙂

Kat M. says:

Yay! I know right? 😉

Ciara T. says:

The strap is meant for one in the front and one attached to the back diagonally, but it’s your choice how to wear it. 🙂 So happy to find your videos! <3

Kat M. says:

Woohoo! Thanks, love that shade! It’s Essie Berry Naughty 😀

Anita T says:

Loved your haul! Gave me lots of ideas of things I want to put on my wish list :). Quick question though, what nail polish are you wearing while you are trying on the midi rings? It’s the perfect fall colour!

Kat M. says:

Yay, thanks!! 🙂 <3 Accessories rule 8)

Afrin Bhuiyan says:

do an everyday makeup tutorial!! 😀

Chann Chann says:

Hook it on to the handles

Kat M. says:

Thanks chica! I shall check out the site, I love getting good recommendations

Kat M. says:

No it is haha, I think the commenter below was taking a guess, but it is meant for the bag, it was packaged neatly with the rest of the bag, stuffing and plastic casing and all 🙂 The salesgirl got it new for me from the inventory room, but yeah I’ve been experimenting and it works/looks the best if i hook the chain to both of the back gold pieces. Thanks for helping me deduce the correct way regardless!

nellie pisani says:

no someone just put that in there its not meant for that bag!

Kat M. says:

Thanks, that actually really helps 🙂 Other girls have been saying it too so you’re definitely right. I bet your Ivanka Trump bag is super fancy 😉

eveline says:

Hey where r u from actually?””

Lee Anne says:

Where did you get the necklace you have on?

littomika says:

Im so happy I found you! I love your videos, style and personality <333 I always get so mad when I buy something and find out soon after that it went on sale! xD

Chloé Trujillo says:

you’re gorgeous & I loveeeeee your videos!
you deserve way more views xxx

Kat M. says:

Woohoo, I know! I was surprised 😀 Thanks Hannah 😀

2glams says:

That is a pretty ring! The $50 dollar bag is also super cute! I have been wanting to get another bag, but I think I will wait until later this year. You should check out the site called,emiliemshop
I want to get something from there 😀

Angela Song says:

woah, you look similar to xteener

Live.Love.Ride says:

I wish I could look as fit as you do. I am invloved in so many sports and I’m still larger than so many girls! I’m very insecure and want to change my body shape, but I don’t know how. Help?

Kat M. says:

Thanks for your input 🙂 Glad to have you as a subscriber!

Lyss Ryann says:

those bags….SO cute!

Kat M. says:

Awww, thank you so much! That is so sweet, I’m flattered times a million! Woohoo I have some really great girls watching my videos 🙂

xVogueVuitton says:

Love your personality and everything is so cute! I need to buy more bags and new accessories ❤

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