Celine Mini Luggage Tote Inspired Bag Review

Hello from London! I prefilmed a few videos so I would have a few videos for you all, hope you enjoy this review!!

Miss Lulu’s Bag http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ladies-Designer-Leather-Style-Celebrity-Tote-Bag-Smile-Shoulder-Satchel-Handbag-/121126202839?pt=UK_Women_s_Handbags&var=&hash=item1c33af2dd7


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Sarah Nicole says:

did you get the big or small?

Bec Elle says:

Does this bag have any feet at the bottom?

Aitbags says:

Aitbags you will find it’s worth for its price best. really very good quality with affordable price.

Janet N says:

Big huge important question :
Color transfer? From your clothes (jeans etc)
Does this happen while wearing this bag? Did it happen for you?
I have this bag on its way to me right now and when I told my friend about it she reminded me of this possibility

Please let me know ASAP
Thanks 🙂

Sylvia says:

I just received my black bag, but my bag was all black inside, not hot pink with colorful pictures as yours. . feel sad

Hannah123 says:

Hey:) have you ordered the bag in nude/beige? Because i can’t find the colour white..

Noelle Anderson says:

If i could hug you i would !! Thank you!!!!

Marian Gonzalez says:

Is the bag a large?

SampleSizedCherry says:

I ordered this bag after I saw this video and got it in the mail after 4 days (I live in Europe). I totally love it! It looks exactly like yours, only the inside is kinda yellow-ish. Thanks for the great in-depth review!

Anna Yee says:

This was such a helpful review! I know it’s been years, but thank you so much!! I just ordered the nude bag, hopefully it’s as gorgeous as yours minus the pink inside lol

Gabriela Odri says:

Hi, can you please measure for me the flip where the zipper is sewed on? And the bottom leight. My laptop is 31 cm. I am wondering would it fit in this bag. Thank you. G.

Katherine Skipper says:

This was very helpful video….I am just wondering how your bag is holding up now that you have had it for awhile. I am particularly interested on whether the bag has maintained its structure or does it start to sag after awhile. Thanks in advance, Kathy

sanna tayari says:

Do you know what the exact size of your bag is? For the height and the length? I’ll maybe buy the black one but I don’t know if they’re the same size and I’ve seen how the sizes are but I don’t know which one the black ones name is! But anyway this video helped alot! 🙂

Dao Fu says:

loved how in depth you went and how you modeled the bag! Thanks so much!
🙂 just ordered from the seller!

Kyrae Brawley Harding says:

I ordered my bag from them 2/21/15 and I still havent gotten it :-/ talk about bummed!! and its so pretty too

ClaudiaDental Asst. Claudia'sNailsOwner says:


Astharoshe says:

For anyone who still wants to buy this bag, I messaged the ebay seller to confirm what the inside colour of the bag is now. I was told that they have now changed the inside colour to black instead of pink! 🙂

Kassi Bowen says:

Do they ship in the States? 😀

Shaki Guerra says:

is this bag the grey nude? or the nude beige?
great review btw 🙂

Fleur Vos says:

is the color of the bag that you have called nude/beige on the ebay link? the color on ebay looks really different than in real life (as you said)

MissAquaGamer says:

I’ve been wanting this bag for a while haha. I have it on my watch list, I’ll be able to get one next month.

Sara Gonzalez says:

Hi, I’m thinking of ordering this bag but in black but I was wondering if you would know if the inside would also be pink? Even if it is black on the outside? Please respond

Janet N says:

I just ordered one in grey/nude
Love your color
The one I ordered looks a lot darker

What was the exact color name of yours ?

Gurpreet Dhami says:

Thanks for getting back at me:)It says I ordered large, but I can’t find any large look a like celine reviews. I ordered the same bag as yours.

Juliette Gallagher says:

Thankyou so much! I’ve been looking for a video like this that actually gives a really good show of the bag and has a site up to date to buy it!

dominique p says:

What is the Name of this bag if I want it in black. It’s so confusing on the website haha

Gurpreet Dhami says:

So my bag has arrived same as yours, but inside colour is yellow.

curvybarbiie says:

Hi, On the ebay link you put up, is it the ‘smile’ styled bag? Just double checking before I buy myself one. Great video by the way 🙂  x

yamileth M says:

like the bag:)

Rebecca Tittarelli says:

I just ordered this bag from the same seller in black! Paid about $50 US dollars like you mentioned I was wondering if you ran into any fees as far as getting it through customs!

Gurpreet Dhami says:


I wanted to know if your bag is in medium or large thanks

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