10 Best Selling Handbags brands – 2017

Carrying the best handbag: provides extra beauty- Every women of this world desires that when they go out they carry the best hand bag in the crowd. The handbag must be very fashionable and stylish also. It is difficult to choose the best trendy hand bags among so many different variety of bags and brands. Different brand introduce different variety of designer bags. So here is; List of top 10 Best Selling in Handbags brands in the world in 2017, most popular handbag brands.

10 Best Selling Handbags brands – 2017


Adeline Shen says:

Oh Dear, that’s why I don’t buy Kate Spade, MMK, and coach

autum paris says:

Michael kors!!?? bwahahaha! compared to all this high end brands MK is like Payless Shoes!

Shopstara says:

superb collection..and lovely video ❤️❤️

Explore 101 Urbex says:

I enjoyed that, thanks:-)

Valerie Mendez says:

Excellent video

Kellyann Kelly says:

I’m at a loss as to why you have the very basic brand Coach but you’ve excluded YSL. By the way, I’ve never heard of the brand Parade. Were you perhaps trying to spell Prada?

Syaamalan Selva Kumaran says:

Maneershaa’s! 2;12

Floppy Bob says:

Michael Kors and Coach are for people who are high end white trash

Henry mah says:


Nickey Wonder says:

I don’t totally agree but some good brands up here definitely

M Azman Miswan says:

I can understand on some couple of brands that were featured in this video. But, Kate Spade being no. 1 on the list? Sorry, Kate Spade fan. Am not against it. Maybe to those classic models instead what were featured in this video too. But… MK?!!! You got to be kidding me. Where are BV, LV, Celine, Prada, Furla & Celestina? They have a much better design with good craftsmanship and leather.

Md Shadab Khan says:

it’s ossam

Floppy Bob says:

Louis Vuitton and Prada are not on this list?????!!!!!!!

mr hollands opus says:

I don’t think so. At least not to my knowledge and I am a handbag freak

Sheila West says:

sorry but I was put off by the bad spelling & grammer in this video. I am English and would be happy to check any wording for your videos before you launch then. However I think that your photos of the bags do not match with what you are trying to say about the brands.Not sure where you have found out all your information from. Also I do not agree with your list and some amazing brands have been left off the list maybe make another video and take this one down.

Maninder Kaur says:


Ferry Anolin says:

Hermes and LV

Eva Cherkasova says:

Nice collection.

Kellyann Kelly says:

If I’m going to rely on your opinion when making a luxury purchase I need you to be able to communicate with me in my only language……English. Who wrote the texts?? The grammar is horrific!

trader FX says:

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夜华 says:

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Plum Gray says:

Where are celine, bottega veneta, saint laurent?

Arman Jahangir says:

shop name

Kellyann Kelly says:

I have no words as to why Michael Kors is on anyone’s “best” list. Their quality is not on par with any of the other brands in this list.

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